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STATE Official: "Obama’s legacy is that he got us out of two wars, not into a new one in Syria!"

Via FLC MEPGS. Excerpts:“… I’ve never seen the White House and the State Department so much at odds,” said one well informed US official.  The gap between what the Department wants to do in Syria and the reluctance of the White … Continue reading

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Syrian army stunned the world – With the beginning of April, the transition to foreign war

مع بداية نيسان الانتقال إلى الحرب الخارجية .. معلومات يكشفها السيد نون دام برس – متابعة – اياد الجاجة لأنها بكل وضوح ستنسحب من الشرق الاوسط ولكن بشرط ان تبقى اسرائيل وأعراب الخليج قادرة على فرض الشروط في المنطقة ولأن … Continue reading

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Volunteers Versus Hired Thugs

Daniel Mabsout, As we move from chapter to chapter the Syrian story seems to challenge all expectations . No one thought the Syrian army would hold together and keep resisting . All predictions said that the Syrian army will collapse … Continue reading

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Nasser Kandil: The Game is over

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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Obama’s bitter options

كؤوس أوباما المرة غالب قنديل تستهلك الإمبراطورية الأميركية مزيدا من الوقت في محاولات يائسة لدفع الكؤوس المرة التي تنتظرها مع التسليم المستحق بهزيمتها في سورية بانهيار هيمنتها الأحادية على العالم و برضوخها لقدر الشراكة السياسية القهرية مع روسيا و الصين … Continue reading

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Jordan rushes towards the Syrian adventure

الأردن يندفع نحو المغامرة السوريّة   ‏الجمعة‏، 05‏ نيسان‏، 2013 أوقات الشام ياسر قبيلاتبات واضحاً اليوم في عمان أن الأردن لا يدير سياسة خاصة في ما يتعلق بالأزمة السورية. ولكنه يحاول التواؤم مع أدوار إقليمية ودولية يتم اقتراحها عليه، أو … Continue reading

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‘America’s looming hangover in the Middle East’

‘America’s looming hangover in the Middle East’   “… Obama’s support for Syrian oppositionists reflects the same sort of hubristic thinking. His administration started backing opposition elements in 2011, not to help Syrians but to weaken Iran’s regional position and … Continue reading

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Obama and Palestine’s Forgotten Past

Mugs with pictures of U.S. President Barack Obama wearing a keffiyeh, displayed in a souvenir shop in Gaza City, on 9 November 2010. (Photo: AP -Adel Hana)   By: Keith W. Whitelam Published Monday, April 1, 2013   In George … Continue reading

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"Much of what was being reported on Syria was propaganda. Perhaps Israeli, perhaps rebel, perhaps Turkish, perhaps American. But obviously propaganda.

Via FLC ‘National funeral for former Syrian Defence Minister General Hassan Ali Turkmani, Defence Minister Daoud Rajha and Assef Shawkat,’ “The WSJ has a fascinating account of how President Obama’s efforts to extend our will without military intervention failed in … Continue reading

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US official: "Qatar acting like the ‘mouse that roared’ …

Via FLC MEPGS: Excerpts; “…President Obama’s trip to Israel was widely hailed as a great success. Though, in the opinion of many, long overdue [State Department officials were urging the White House to reach out to the Israeli public from … Continue reading

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