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The Zionist Scenario: Now And In The Future

By Lawrence Davidson May 15, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — Over the past month Palestinian leaders have begun to publicly acknowledge that continuing actions by the Israeli government, and corresponding inaction by the “international community,” have destroyed any reasonable hope … Continue reading

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Gilad Atzmon: The ‘Jewish Messiah’

Rehmat’s WorldPosted on September 26, 2011 by rehmat1| Gilad Atzmon, an Israel-born Jew, who has been championing for a single democratic Palestinian state for Muslims, Christians and Jews for years. He openly shows his hatred of Zionists and the so-called … Continue reading

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>No place for Palestine on America’s "Muslim" Brotherhod

> No place for Palestine Ibrahim, Secretary Opponents of the regime in Syria knows that any legitimate ytoslonha, in this country, you need to have a clear position on the Palestinian issue. Talk here is not on the line is … Continue reading

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>Palestinian Youth… New Hope for Near Return

>Sara Taha It has been 63 years since the UK handed over Palestine to Zionist gangs allowing them to forcibly exile the Palestinian natives from their homes and establish a racist state that overpowers and terrorizes all its neighboring countries. … Continue reading

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>Seeds of Palestinian ‘spring’ blooming fast…

> Via FLC  JERUSALEM (AP) — “The Israeli military is preparing for the possibility of violent protests along its borders in the coming days, aiming to avoid a repeat of deadly unrest that erupted earlier this month, a senior military … Continue reading

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>EGYPT: Giant protest kicks off in the capital

> By Aadel M. Al-Mahdy Cairo’s “million-man-march”  reaches its target, as multitudes call for president Mubarak to resign. And the army confirms that it is there to protect the people, not to shoot them. One  nation Long live Egypt … Continue reading

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