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Obama to Netanyahu: ‘You better understand well the relationship of an attack by Israel on Iran with an attack by Israel on Palestinians!’

FLC “… Most analysts explain that President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel is a make-up visit designed to repair the damage to his public standing in Israel for skipping Jerusalem on his way to Cairo in 2009. The question is … Continue reading

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The BDS Intrinsic Part of Oslo Agreement

Daniel Mabsout, The boycott movement draws its anti Zionist dimension from recognizing the right of the colonized to fight the colonizer. In year 2005 , 172 Palestinian organizations called for a generalized boycott of Israel in terms of protests against … Continue reading

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Palestinians Disqualify U.S. as Peace Broker

Source    The “unbreakable alliance,” which will be confirmed by the upcoming visit of President Barak Obama to Israel , will disqualify the United States as an honest broker of peace in the Arab – Israeli conflict in Palestine , … Continue reading

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No Peace Without Hezbollah and Hezbollah will not compromise on a grain of soil of Palestine.

“The Palestinian cause is definitely at a turning point . What will happen next we don’t know . With the fall of HAMAS in the sectarian set up has fallen the last bastion of the Palestinian Resistance if bastion there … Continue reading

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Farewell BDS

By Daniel Mabsout  The BDS movement of Boycott Divest and Sanction has changed the wording of its amendment without informing the endorsers of BDS who amount to 170 Palestinian organizations, parties , unions and movements of this change or consulting … Continue reading

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Hamas Weighs Options For Recognizing Israel

Actually Mishaal recognized the Zionist Entity the moment he decided to leave Damascus and move to Qatar, especially after signing the long truce. Like Arafat he neads time first to prepare palestinians, in general and Hamas in particular, for such step. However, … Continue reading

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Fascism Wins Big in Israel

by Stephen Lendman Israeli election results hardened fascist rule. Dominant right-wing parties control 102 of 120 Knesset seats.  Israelis have themselves to blame. They elected Israel’s most extremist government in history. Militarism, belligerence, state-sponsored terrorism, occupation ruthlessness, settlement expansions, and … Continue reading

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Popular Front Leader: ‘Palestinian Project No Longer Exists’

  Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal (front) prays with senior leaders of Hamas and Fatah in Gaza City, Dec. 9, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah) By: Ruba El-Husseini. Translated from As-Safir (Lebanon).    Every now and then, Fatah and Hamas launch … Continue reading

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On the Palestinians Independent Decision, Yarmouk camp and Al-Akhbar Practical Route to Gaza – A comment censored by Al-akhbar

 Before yesterday I published the arabic version of the Ibrahim Al-amin article titled; الهجرة المعاكسة … الى فلسطين and yesterday I added the English version titled: A Practical Route to Palestine. Both are here.Today I tried for the first time … Continue reading

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Israel’s ‘self-defense’ argument against Hamas holds no water

فتوى حماس المحرمة للعمليات العسكرية ضد إسرائيل Israel’s ceasefire with Hamas is holding, but unless Israel completely lifts its blockade and includes Hamas in two-state negotiations, renewed rocket attacks from Gaza are likely. Should that happen, Israel would not be … Continue reading

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