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Action Alert: Palestinian Declaration

PLEASE SIGN THIS DECLARATION IF YOU AGREE WITH ITS CONTENTS:  (send Hahida Izzat  your name and country if you approve) Palestinian Declaration An invitation to ALL Palestinians and their supporters to unite under the banner of LIBERATION, affirming our alienable … Continue reading

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New on Facebook from the Jewish Terror state "Ways to abuse Palestine Children"

March 25, 2013 at 13:34 Source  Simple advice for how to deal with a Palestinian child: * I’d break every one of his bones * More violence is needed. Where are the clubs to break their legs? * Put him … Continue reading

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The Undefined Purpose Of BDS

Let’s read thoroughly the Arabic BDS text which is the original text as it was written in year 2005 . The text says literally that Israel should submit to the International Law and this in :: 1-Ending the occupation and … Continue reading

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Come Join The Apartheid Show My Friend !

By Daniel Mabsout, Palestine has become an entertainment if you are not aware . The plight of the people , the suffering, the homelessness , the abuse , the violations , the massacres and the incarcerations, the shelling , the … Continue reading

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Is the Anti-Occupation Movement Driven by Defenders of Genocide?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 5:37PM Gilad Atzmon by Dr. PAUL LARUDEE If there is one message that unifies critics of Israel and advocates for Palestinian rights, it is “End the Occupation.” As with many unifying messages, however, it is … Continue reading

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BDS Ambivalence

By Daniel Mabsout, People following BDS activities and functions should be informed about the latest innovation of the BDS movement (BOYCOTT DIVEST SANCTION) whereby the BDS has adopted two different versions of its amendment: one in English and one in … Continue reading

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Canada’s Israel Lobby by Peyton Vaughn Lyon

March 3, 2013 By admin   Canada’s Israel Lobby By Peyton Vaughan Lyon Professor Emeritus, Political Science, Carleton University D. Phil., Oxford This article is an update of a study of the Canada Israel Committee (CIC) published in the Journal … Continue reading

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Galloway Versus Falsification Of The Cause

By Daniel Mabsout,    The BDS strikes again and as usual it sides with Israelis and Zionists against pro Arabs and pro Palestinians . Now this is not something new for BDS since previously they had accused Gilad Atzmon of … Continue reading

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Liberation And The Monkey Business of UN

By Daniel Mabsout, we are not here to speculate or give and take , there is a plight called the Palestinian plight and the Palestinians are living in camps because their homes were taken , there is this state called … Continue reading

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Israeli Vandals Cite ‘Revenge’ in Latest Church Attack

By Richard Edmondson I guess the Christ haters in Israel just couldn’t let the old year pass without carrying out one last church desecration. According to a report in Haaretz, vandals attacked a church in a small village in northern … Continue reading

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