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Mahmud Ramadan to Al-Manar Website: This is Why Antonio Cassesse Resigned…

  Hussein Assi Mahmud Ramadan to Al-Manar Website:This is Why Antonio Cassesse Resigned… Health Reasons Not Enough… Even if True! Judge Cassesse Committed Big Mistakes Cassesse Pressured to Revive Indictment Judges Keep Conscience despite Pressures Int’l Tribunals Generally Politicized, Unfair … Continue reading

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Jamil Sayyed: Hariri Head of Conspiracy in His Father’s Case

Local Editor General Jamil Sayyed said that the first thing that came to his mind when receiving the news about the accusation of Hezbollah members in the assassination of late PM Rafiq Hariri, was the day when he, and the … Continue reading

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>The Four Israels

> The Four Israels Peter A. Belmont ESSAY 1042010-05-07© 2010 by Peter A. Belmont, Brooklyn, New York In Roshomon style, I describe four Israels. The First Israel is the dream Israel, to which no one (some believe) can rightly object, … Continue reading

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