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Questioning Presidential War Powers

By Philip Giraldi • October 18, 2012, 11:17 AM Walter Pincus of the Washington Post is the paper’s most consistently readable columnist addressing foreign policy and national security issues. Which is no doubt why he seldom appears on the editorial/op-ed … Continue reading

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Why I Dislike Israel

  by Philip GiraldiEven those pundits who seem to want to distance U.S. foreign policy from Tel Aviv’s demands and begin treating Israel like any other country sometimes feel compelled to make excuses and apologies before getting down to the … Continue reading

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Two New Wars for Us

By Philip Giraldi September 09, 2012 “Information Clearing House” – – Normally Washington bureaucracies shut down in August, but this year the intelligence community was working flat out to develop information on two crises in the Middle East. One official … Continue reading

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A Vote for Romney is a Vote for Israel

By Philip Giraldi The Passionate AttachmentMay 23, 2012 There are some strange things going on relating to US foreign policy and Israel that you will not see in the mainstream media. A recent Rasmussen poll suggests that most Americans (53%) … Continue reading

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Iran’s Tactical Strength

By Philip Giraldi | May 2, 2012 A New York Times story on March 19 reported that there might be “perils” for the U.S. in the event of an Israeli attack on Iran and warned that “it may be impossible … Continue reading

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The Babylonian Captivity of Washington

by Philip Giraldi, April 12, 2012   The most troubling prerogative of modern government is the ability of the sovereign or head of state to go to war. War means death, debt, and, if the decision is a bad one, … Continue reading

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Mitt and Bibi Joined at the Hip

By Philip Giraldi The Passionate AttachmentApril 12, 2012 One of the more outrageous articles to appear recently describes how likely Republican Party presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu enjoy a close personal relationship based on their … Continue reading

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