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Syria, PKK and Hamas: Loyalty and Betrayal

Loyalty   Abdullah Öcalan On Leaving Syria (1998): Syria is the last fort, We will not be a burden on Assad I asked him what is the subject? He answered: I have decided to leave Syria for my presence here … Continue reading

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Turkey Hones Its Killing Skills

A mobile missile launcher is positioned at a military base on the Turkish-Syrian border at Suruc in Sanliurfa province, 6 October 2012. (Photo: Reuters – Murad Sezer)   By: Belén Fernández Published Saturday, October 6, 2012   On October 4, … Continue reading

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Damascus to Ankara: We’ll Arm Every Kurdish Man with A Rocket

Local Editor  The United States has called for a contact with Syria at the United Nations, as Damascus told Ankara it was heading to arm Kurds, Nidal Hamade wrote in his “Friday Stance” at al-Manar Website. The US delegation that … Continue reading

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Erdogan: ‘I will not rest until I stumble!’

FLC “… The deterioration of Ankara-Baghdad relations is not a by-product of the so-called Arab Spring or the Syrian crisis, but a result of Erdogan’s personalized politics and miscalculation of Iraqi and Kurdish nationalism. Indeed, the Turkish premier has created … Continue reading

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Hundreds jailed as Erdogan reduces military’s power

Published Monday, September 24, 2012   The jailing of hundreds of Turkish army officers including top generals accused of plotting to topple Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan underscored how far he has come in gaining control of the country’s once … Continue reading

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Erdogan: ‘We killed 500 Kurdish PKK rebels!’

Ten dead 60 wounded in attack on Turkish army convoy Kurdish militants killed ten soldiers and wounded more than 60 others in an attack on a Turkish army convoy on Tuesday. Security sources quoted by the Reuters news agency attributed … Continue reading

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Posted by Nysoulcontrolla aka Ali at 7:00 AM Conflating Spaces: Syrian Rebels and Refugees in South Turkey There are worrying signs that refugee camps in Turkey are being used by Syria’s armed opposition. Not only does this violate basic humanitarian … Continue reading

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Istanbul suicide blast kills police officer, wounds 7

Death toll from bomb in Turkey rises to 9 ISTANBUL (AFP) – At least one police officer died and seven people were severely wounded on Tuesday in a suicide bombing targeting a police station in central Istanbul, the police chief … Continue reading

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Turkey ramps up war threats against Syria

By Chris Marsden 11 September 2012 Turkey has dramatically escalated its war-rhetoric against Syria, placing itself at the forefront of any military intervention to depose the regime of Bashar al-Assad. On September 4, at a meeting of the ruling Justice … Continue reading

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Turkey: NATO’s Neo-Ottoman Spearhead in the Middle East

By Rick Rozoff August 8, 2012  Turkish soldiers stand guard at the entrance of the memorial site of Suleyman Shah, grandfather of Osman I, in Karakozak village, northeast of Aleppo, Syria. Stop NATO    Turkey already has troops … Continue reading

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