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Satire: Poet Ahmad Matar on Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi

الشاعر أحمد مطر في هجاء الشيخ يوسف القرضاوي عادَ لِيُفتي هَتْكُ نِساءِ الأرضِ حَلالٌ إلاّ الأَربعَ مِمّا يأتي أُمّي، أُختي، امرأتي، بنتي كُلُّ الإرهابِ “مُقاومَةٌ” إلاّ إن قادَ إلى مَوتي نَسْفُ بُيوتِ النّاسِ “جِهادٌ” إن لَمْ يُنسَفْ مَعَها بَيتي التقوى … Continue reading

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I am all of those

Posted on February 17, 2013 by nahida the Exiled Palestinian Even full Bites of hunger eat my guts Clad with soft and silky garments I feel bare, no clothes can veil Wrapped up cosy in a home so warm My … Continue reading

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In Memory of Mahmud Darwish – A Poem

       Feb 15 2013 / 8:40 pm Mahmoud Darwish.   By Manash BhattacharjeeI learnt from your poems howTo wait upon deathAnd how waiting is a game asTreacherous as death. I learnt from you how the rootOf waiting is grasped in … Continue reading

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Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

He who with might extends through all existence hears wordsWhich I, his faithful servant, utter… Swilling the waters of the ocean, the submarineSank beneath the surface, taking with it light, beauty,And the feather of a dead seagull, in its downward … Continue reading

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People with Green Hearts

Arabic poem,Author شهرزاد الخليج,Translated and illustrated by Nahida Exiled Palestinian People with green hearts  The colour of trees is the colour of their hearts  Their dreams… water pure  Their imagination… sky wide  They are capable of infinite forgiveness  Have the … Continue reading

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Beloved People of Gaza

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian  Beloved people of Gaza  Treasured heroes of Palestine Teachers of love, courage and dignity  Archetype of humanity  Allow me to kneel down  And wash your feet with my tears  Kiss your blessed hands  And sprinkle your … Continue reading

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The ultimate challenge

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian  Would any decent human-being accept to live with those criminals? The Ultimate Challenge I confess, we PalestiniansDon’t possesYour excellent qualitiesWe lack so much compassionAnd generosity Unlike us, you professLofty principlesAnd superior moralityDeep rooted ethicsAnd love of … Continue reading

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A lioness of Palestine !

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian Fearsome and Awesome    Look at you… my beloved Look at you This little fist of yours Slams before the world The final word This little fist of yours  Says it all RIGHT is GREATER than … Continue reading

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World. . . Be Warned

Nahida the exiled Palestinian When you wake up one day  Into your nightmare  When you hear hordes of lunatics call for war When freaks shriek “Apocalypse Now” When Luciferians shout:  “End it All… End it all” When you hear our … Continue reading

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What Really Matters!

Nahida the exiled Palestinian When all gets dark And life loses its colours When evil tightens the grip And the wicked leads the way When fall falls before its time and frost grows around When your heart is torn and … Continue reading

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