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HRW: Bahraini Protesters “Exercising Their Legitimate Rights”

Local Editor  Human Rights Watch criticized on Wednesday the Bahraini regime for staging arrest raids against pro-democracy activists in the Gulf Kingdom, stressing that it’s their legitimate right to protest. The international watchdog said that the Saudi-backed regme was more … Continue reading

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Salman to Al-Manar Website: People Pledge ‘No Retreat’, People Grant Legitimacy

Israa Al-Fass There are no backward steps in Bahrain. All sacrifices are possible in exchange of freedom, equality, and democracy the Bahraini people are rising to achieve. The island’s uprising has been two-years old, yet it becomes more popular than … Continue reading

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Bahrain / Revolution and Occupation

The Bahrainis celebrated yesterday the second birthday of their uprising , as usual the celebration was met with bullets and repression .The armed forces uses against demonstrators bullets destined to hunt animals , this is how authorities treat the population … Continue reading

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Qatif Uprising: Demanding Inclusion

A man runs through snow after a snowstorm in the desert, near Tabuk, 1,500 km from Riyadh on 1 February 2013. (Photo: Mohamed Alhwaity- Reuters) By: Rasha Shuaib   Published Tuesday, February 12, 2013   The uprising in Qatif, Saudi … Continue reading

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It seems Libya is missing Gaddafi

Libyan new rulers fear second revolution against ‘revolution’   New rulers are under attack for lack of reforms, face protests on February 15 being touted by some as ‘second revolution’.   Middle East Online By Youssef Ba – TRIPOLI … Continue reading

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War on Libya and attempts to reproduce in Syria

الحرب على ليبيا ومحاولات استنساخها في سورية     من كتاب لنضال حمادة زعيم.. زعيم…   زعيم … زعيم.. لقد وفيت بوعدي وها قد أتيت. يجب أن تشتري طائراتي الميراج، وأنا سوف أشتري منك مخزونك من اليورانيوم الذي لا تحتاجه…خاطب … Continue reading

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Daniel Mabsout Get up it is revolution time , get ready and don’t forget to bring al Jazeera crew along to add some pep and some manipulation and fiction to complete and fill the gaps in the scenery. All the … Continue reading

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Latest News From the Revolution

  By: Rami Zurayk Published Sunday, December 30, 2012   Two years ago on this day, I wrote a column titled “On the Necessity of Rebellion.” In those days, beautiful Tunisia was calling out to Egypt, the motherland. The scent … Continue reading

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Pumped: On Abbas statehood, Hamastan, Jordan Option and the War on Syria

  Update: Celebrations in Abbastan and Hamastan According to Nidal Hamadeh Jordan on the crater: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Jordan option What king of Jordan said about his future role in the War on Syria? Jordan is currently is facing … Continue reading

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Tunisia: Al-Nahda’s Deadly Mistakes

Tunisian security forces and protestors clash in the town of Siliana, in central Tunisia, on 29 November 2012 (Photo: Fethi Belaid)   By: Noureddine Baltayeb Published Wednesday, December 12, 2012 In the coming days, Tunisia will begin celebrating the two-year … Continue reading

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