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Discrimination of the Jews

FAD A French opinion :” monopolist, exploiter and corrupter “ I cannot say, exactly, why almost all the Jews were discriminated and persecuted during the whole course of History. I can only say 3 things, with certainty : 1– The … Continue reading

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The War on the non-obedient

FAD The wrong carpenter withthe wrong approach…. The war on Iran is primarily a war on a third-world-country that did not , and shall not , bow its head for the west. This war has started much earlier than we … Continue reading

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Turkey , Syria and democracy

FAD Turkey is led by a Military Junta ,for the last half century, already. There are more Turkish Journalists in the Turkish-prisons than there are Syrian-dissidents-journalists outside the Syrian-prisons. A huge part of Syrian-land is annexed by Turkey , while … Continue reading

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Today´s liars are tomorow´s historians

FAD the Homerus of tomorrow ?? If and when ,the journalists/reporters/correspondents of today are to become the historians of tomorrow , then this means that ,the Main-Stream-Media´s are fabricating tomorrow’s Historyand theyb are recording it ,only , as their editors-in-chief … Continue reading

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Joha , Dr. Erakat and the Free-Icecream

Raja some people believed their own fantasies… Joha is an Arabic fictitious figure, always funny and often a pseudo-philosophic-person and here is one story : Joha who wanted to make his siestas each afternoon ,was much disturbed by the kids … Continue reading

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But…..for what is the NATO still here ?? Western-colonial-culture,a forgotten-shame .   NATO was established as a deterrent against the Soviet-Block But the Soviet-Block does no more exist. So what for is the NATO, nowadays ?? is it perhaps recycled … Continue reading

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A bad Joke ….

A bad Joke …. What a farce !! Peace-talks again. Between the jailers and the jailed the oppressors and the oppressed and the bad-joke is that Tony Blair is there as the referee…. No more comments, except to say that … Continue reading

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8 Type of persons who would disagree with me

Raja This Syrian-civilian,is surely not a follower of Mahatma Gandhinor did he ever entcounter democracy. There are 8 type of persons who would think that the uprising in Syria shall lead us to anything positive for Syria , or for … Continue reading

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Raja´s review of 2011

Raja´s review of 2011 The “ Eunuch on the Nile “was replaced by 13 Pimps-in-uniforms, (who receive 1,5 Billion Dollars yearly ,from the USA.) The “Tyrant of Tunis” found his refuge at the Servant of Mecca The man who, in … Continue reading

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Anti-semitism in Russia , today

Raja not so poor Russian-Jews !! If there still would be, anti-Jewish or anti-Semitism in Russia, how come that 60% of the oligarch are Jews ?? unless, when this is ,in reality,some kind of “anti-oligarch” Posted by Tlaxcala at 6:36 … Continue reading

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