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I like the message , but I mistrust themessenger.

FAD  Can anyone with a clear and honest mind explain to me why , the USA and West would like to see the Arab-societies becoming democratic and ruled by a democracy ?? Who said that eventual-future-democratic-Arab-societies would embrace Zionism ?? … Continue reading

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Those Arab-observers in Syria

Those Arab Observers in Syria had ended their mission , in Syria. Each of them has reported , as his own government has wished him to do. Therefore their reports are different , if not contradictory. Should you ask me … Continue reading

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If a country wants…….

FAD made in Syria !!( even under the ” dictatorship “ ) If a country has already an atom bomb , it should not complain about Iran´s . If a country has not even a parliament nor any elected-leaders (or … Continue reading

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Discrimination of the Jews

FAD A French opinion :” monopolist, exploiter and corrupter “ I cannot say, exactly, why almost all the Jews were discriminated and persecuted during the whole course of History. I can only say 3 things, with certainty : 1– The … Continue reading

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The War on the non-obedient

FAD The wrong carpenter withthe wrong approach…. The war on Iran is primarily a war on a third-world-country that did not , and shall not , bow its head for the west. This war has started much earlier than we … Continue reading

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Turkey , Syria and democracy

FAD Turkey is led by a Military Junta ,for the last half century, already. There are more Turkish Journalists in the Turkish-prisons than there are Syrian-dissidents-journalists outside the Syrian-prisons. A huge part of Syrian-land is annexed by Turkey , while … Continue reading

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Today´s liars are tomorow´s historians

FAD the Homerus of tomorrow ?? If and when ,the journalists/reporters/correspondents of today are to become the historians of tomorrow , then this means that ,the Main-Stream-Media´s are fabricating tomorrow’s Historyand theyb are recording it ,only , as their editors-in-chief … Continue reading

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