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My Name is Palestine: 64 Years Later, Time for Justice!

Posted on 15/05/2012by reham alhelsi My name is Falasteen, Source: google images  I am the land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. I am the home and only home to my children the Palestinians. Poets celebrate my … Continue reading

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Palestinian Political Prisoners: Breaking the Chains of Oppression, Marching towards Freedom

Posted on 18/04/2012by reham alhelsi As Palestinian political prisoners held captive in Israeli dungeons start a general open hunger strike, stand in solidarity with them, support their just struggle and demand their freedom.  inside Abu Jihad Museum for Prisoners … Continue reading

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Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike: The Struggle for Freedom, for Justice, for Palestine Continues

Posted on 12/04/2012by reham alhelsi Freedom © In messages to the Palestinian people and the free people of the world, Palestinian administrative detainee Ja’far Izz Iddin called for more support and solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners, particularly with administrative … Continue reading

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On Land Day: In Occupied Palestine, Existence is Resistance

Posted on 29/03/2012by reham alhelsi   google image On 04.08.2011, Haj Ibrahim Atallah closed his eyes for the last time. He was over a 100 years old, and from what I’ve heard, he closed his eyes unwillingly, for he had … Continue reading

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Palestinian Prisoners on a General Hunger Strike in Israeli Dungeons

Posted on 24/03/2012by reham alhelsi Today, 24.03.2012, Palestinian prisoners in Israeli dungeons joined in a general one-day hunger strike against the policies of isolation, medical negligence, the prohibition of family visits and against the arbitrary so-called administrative detention. The strike, … Continue reading

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A Letter to Mother Palestine and her Daughters

Posted on 22/03/2012by reham alhelsi Dear Mother Palestine, On Mother’s day, as the Hannoun wakes up, and as the almond tree blossoms and you wear your green and red dress, we celebrate you. On this day, we celebrate the land, … Continue reading

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A Homage to Palestinian Mothers

Posted on 21/03/2012by reham alhelsi © River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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Khader Adnan; Ledendary Steadfastness from Palestine

Posted on 20/02/2012by reham alhelsi  source: google images Khader Adnan is on hunger strike for the 65th day to protest against detention and imprisonment of thousands of Palestinians held captive in inhumane conditions. Since 1967: over 750,000 Palestinians were … Continue reading

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