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Lebanese Update

Daniel Mabsout, The nomination of Tammam Salam – as Lebanese PM – was sponsored by KSA who wanted to see a moderate Muslim at the head of the Lebanese government , a person that would not be considered challenging to … Continue reading

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On Hezbollah preventing Sunna from fighting Israel!!!!

 عن حزب الله الذي منع السنة من قتال اسرائيل خضر عواركة في الثاني من حزيران يونيو ألفين وستة هاجم زعيم التكفيريين في العراق أبو مصعب الزرقاوي حزب الله والشيعة، واتهمهم بأنهم أصبحوا غطاء يمنع المجاهدين السنة من قتال إسرائيل، ترى … Continue reading

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Hamas arrests two accused of firing rockets

Resisting Reistance Published Thursday, April 4, 2013   Hamas, which governs in the Gaza strip, has arrested two hardline Islamists in connection with rocket attacks fired across the border, sources close to a Salafist group said Thursday. The Hamas interior … Continue reading

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The determining factor in Jewish politics which is causing all this turmoil is not internal to Israel . It is external to Israel . Israel is going through a great instability and a great existential crisis and insecurity for the … Continue reading

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Photos and Video: activists execut the Emir of Qatar in Tulkarem, Hamas condemns

صور وفيديو : نشطاء يعدمون أمير قطر “الشيخ حمد بن خليفة آل ثاني” في طولكرم وحماس تدين تاريخ النشر : 2013-04-02   Hamayreh: Sheikh Hamad: ahlan wasahlan (welcome to Palestine) رام الله – دنيا الوطن – وكالات أقدمت كتلة الشهيد … Continue reading

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On the Land Day, the 2011 Nakba-Naksa Days and the war on the Armed Resistance

Flashback:    Hassan Hijazi and Izat aziz Muswada and tens of thousands of Palestinians marched to Palestine on  2011 Nakba and Naksa days to confirm that Palestine must be the compass of the Arab Spring.   Izat aziz Muswada  joined thousands of … Continue reading

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By Daniel Mabsout,   Israel is panicked by the Resistance of Syria and by the Resistance of the Syrian president and of the Syrian army and the Syrian people during two years of war where tens of thousands of criminal … Continue reading

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