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Soft War Mercenaries

This person called Elias Khoury who was a Arafat supporter and working for Arafat and rallying for Arafat in the streets of west Beirut while civil war was ignited in Lebanon by foreign Intelligence and the administration of Kissinger. And … Continue reading

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Israel to Build Separation Wall on the Lebanese Border

Once upon a time, Gilad Atzmon before leaving PTT hasbara site and joining UP’s site, wrote: “The Pls are at the forefront of a clash between 2 totalities. between 2 symbolic orders. It is not a political debate and it is not … Continue reading

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>“Those who have besieged Mr. O’Keefe like rabid dogs are fully aware of who they are. Their names remain far away from this piece as a common courtesy and as an extension of brotherhood and sisterhood; so they recognize the … Continue reading

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>After Galloway, Ken O’Keefe under fire at HTT (Hasbara think thank).

> Comments “Ken is a prophet to us, a deeply spiritual man, loving husband and father. I also spent much time with his mother and learned about his childhood. I hope to one day help Ken write his bio for … Continue reading

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>Lifeline 5 to arrive in Gaza on 10th October

> [ 20/09/2010 – 09:13 AM ] PARIS, (PIC)– Organizers of the Lifeline 5 aid convoy to the Gaza Strip said that the convoy would reach the Strip on 10th October after moving from Britain on Saturday 18th September. Zaher … Continue reading

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In Defense of a Palestinian.‏ (Censored at Rizzostine’s PTT)

Comment: I found the following comment in my mail box. I don’t know Tezozomoc, but I would thank him for passing it to me. I visited PTT for the first time since several months, and was not surprised to find … Continue reading

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For whom is the Charta of the NATO ???

For whom is the Charta of the NATO ??? The NATO “is to protect the values of Liberty “ The NATO alliance is actually and practically  :a defence-pact between its membersto say it………. …. very shortly. Turkey being a member…… … Continue reading

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Egypt Sources: We Find Qatar’s Bid to Rebuild Gaza "Difficult to Digest"

Hanan Awarekeh 20/05/2010 Egypt is still closing the Rafah crossing increasing the Palestinians’ suffering in the Gaza Strip after Israel has imposed a blockade since 2007 against over 1.5 million people living there, not to mention the building of the … Continue reading

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Mary Rizzostine, thecutter, needs your attention – Updated

THE UPDATE I am pumping/Updating this thread to contain recent comments of Mary Rizzostine, the Jewish thought Police at PTT. She called me MISTER CENSOR! Moving her comments to main page and providing a link to her original comlplete comment … Continue reading

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How easy it is to be WHEELCHAIR critics! – Pumped

Contibuted by Nadia Nadia said… Another Good Comment How easy it is to be armchair critics!…………If Gilad is still friends with all of you, pass him your editorial and ask for his opinion, my bet is that he would say: … Continue reading

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