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Brotherhood Complicity in Israeli aggression on Gaza regime to impose new security arrangements

“Today we declare victory against the blockade through this historic visit,” he said. “We say thank you, Emir, thank you Qatar for this noble Arab stance … Hail to the blood of martyrs which brought us to this moment.” ‘My … Continue reading

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Israel Attacks Gaza, Kills Hamas Leader

  Palestinians carry the body of Ahmed Al-Jabari, Hamas’s military mastermind, during his funeral in Gaza City, Nov. 15, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Ali Hassan) By:Helmi Moussa. Translated from As-Safir (Lebanon).   Israel launched a shock and awe war against the Gaza … Continue reading

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One Thousand And One Prisoners

This was written when Mahmud al Sarsak went on hunger strike. The release of Palestinian detainee Mahmud al Sarsak will take place hopefully on the 17th of July . After the prisoners suspended their hunger strike which so many NGOs … Continue reading

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Palestine’s Prisoners Day: In the Footsteps of Khader Adnan

Palestinian children take part in a rally in front of the Red Cross headquarters in Gaza City marking Palestinian Prisoners Day 17 April 2012. (Photo: REUTERS – Suhaib Salem) By: Charlotte Silver Published Tuesday, April 17, 2012 Khader Adnan was … Continue reading

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Noam Shalit: ‘Hamas has the right to capture Israeli soldiers’

Posted on March 20, 2012 | Israeli Zionist hawks and their supporters around the world are very upset with the comments made by father of Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, who was captured five years ago by Palestinian freedom-fighters during a … Continue reading

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Israel Re-arrests Shalit-deal Palestinians, Hunger Strikes Start

Local Editor Over the past few weeks, the Zionist occupation regime has re-arrested five Palestinian prisoners that were freed from ‘Israeli’ jails in October and December last year under the so-called Swap Deal. The deal was mediated by Egypt to … Continue reading

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Hamas at 24: Politics of Resistance in Changing Middle East

Tens of thousands celebrate the 24rd anniversary of the Islamic movement Hamas in Gaza City  By Ramzy Baroud Ever since Hamas emerged victorious in the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections, myriad public opinion polls revealed that its popularity in the Occupied … Continue reading

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Second Phase of Swap Deal Completed: 550 Palestinian Prisoners Freed

Local Editor 550 Palestinian prisoners were freed on Sunday, in the second stage of a deal between the Zionist entity and the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas.The majority of the freed prisoners returned to the West Bank, ruled by Fatah movement. … Continue reading

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550 Palestinian Prisoners to Be Freed under 2nd Stage of Swap Deal

Local Editor Palestinian prisoners released in the first stage of the deal. The second phase of prisoners swap deal between Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, and the Zionist entity is to be completed late on Sunday. 550 Palestinian prisoners will be … Continue reading

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Thanks Hamas: Saudi Auctions for other Shalits

After Kiryat Arba councilman calls for killing liberated prisoner, and in responce to fierce attacks by terrorist Jewish groups after Sheikh Qarni announced his  $100, 000 reward for the capture of one Israeli soldier, Saudi prince: 900 thousands dollars for capturing one Israeli soldier … Continue reading

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