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Posted on April 10, 2013 by Alexandra Valiente By Sharmine Narwani “The weapons of choice in (today’s) new conflicts are not big-ticket items like long-range missiles, tanks, and fighter planes, but small and frighteningly accessible weapons ranging from handguns, carbines, … Continue reading

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Posted on February 15, 2013 by Libya 360° Unreliable data can incite and escalate a conflict – the latest UN-sponsored figure of 60,000 should not be reported as fact Sharmine Narwani  The body of an unknown man, killed by Syrian … Continue reading

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Lebanon’s Red Lines, Bared

Sunday, Oct 28 2012 By Sharmine Narwani What a difference a week can make in the Middle East. On October 19, when a car bomb tore through the upscale Christian neighborhood of Achrafiyeh in Beirut killing a major security official, … Continue reading

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Debate on Syria: Chemical Weapons, Foreign Intervention, Regime Change and More…

by Sharmine Narwani How is the rhetoric of the West affecting the conflict in Syria? Is it an information war and if it is an endgame for Bashar al-Assad, what will replace his regime? Free Syrian Army fighters sit in … Continue reading

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Sharmine Narwani war right: Assad’s Removal is Not on Moscow’s Mind

Assad’s Removal is Not on Moscow’s Mind Today  Monday, Jun 25 2012 By Sharmine Narwani – The New York Times, June 25, 2012 (Unedited version) When we look back at Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya this past year, we have … Continue reading

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On “Israel’s Right to Exist”

by Sheldon Richman Monday, May 21st, 2012 When I posted Sharmine Narwani’s provocative article “Excuse Me, But Israel Has No Right to Exist” on Facebook, I got an inappropriate reaction from libertarians. It was summed up by one comment this … Continue reading

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Homs Opposition: Al Farouq Battalion is Killing Us

By Sharmine Narwani – Sun, 2012-05-13 19:17- The Sandbox De Syrische oppositieleider Burhan Ghalioun ontmoette vorige week de Israëlische minister van Defensie, Ehud Barak. It is extremely rare to have a direct peephole into events on the ground in Syria. … Continue reading

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Who’s Afraid of the UN Observer Mission?

By Sharmine Narwani –  Mon, 2012-04-30 19:34- The Sandbox There is a lot of noise coming out of different quarters about the “imminent collapse” of the UN observer mission in Syria. “Dead on arrival,” says one American commentator. “Failure to … Continue reading

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Surprise Video Changes Syria "Timeline"

“We will only know this more decisively if we scroll back to Hashem’s April 2011 timeline to find out who hijacked the peaceful protests in Syria. Was it the regime – or the regime-changers? Unless we trace this back to … Continue reading

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