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Deniers Of The Present Holocaust

Daniel Mabsout, To those who think that what is happening in the world- right now- does not call for immediate action or at least for an awakening of a certain kind , to those we say that their attitude is … Continue reading

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Mo Farah held as suspected terrorist by US customs because he was born in Somalia

British Olympic hero held as suspected terrorist by US customs   Mo Farah, a British citizen who won two gold medals for running during London 2012 was held by US customs when leaving the country to see his family for … Continue reading

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Romney’s Five Wars

Posted on 10/09/2012 by Juan Cole   Mitt Romney’s speech at VMI on foreign policy has been widely condemned as vague and lacking in substance, sort of like the man who gave it. But the speech is also full of … Continue reading

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Our undeclared wars in Yemen & in Somalia?!

Via FLC “…In Somalia, the U.S. military has worked to counter the terrorist threat posed by al-Qa’ida and al-Qa’ida-associated elements of al-Shabaab. In a limited number of cases, the U.S. military has taken direct action in Somalia against members of … Continue reading

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The Zionist Infestation Of Africa Revisited: The More Details, The More Devils

by Jonathan Azaziah  There is simply no end tothe rape, plunder and pillagethat Africa has endured at thehands of international Zionism.(Graphic by Skulz Fontaine)  As the cliché famously goes when one attempts to point out the mysterious or … Continue reading

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David Cameron: ‘Somalia is great threat to UK’

Rehmat’s World Posted on December 26, 2011 | After bombing the oil-rich Muslim Libya to stone-age, Israel-Firster UK prime minisher, David Cameron, is aiming at military intevention in another war-torn African Muslim nation, Somalia. The country lies at the core … Continue reading

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>Dozens Including Six MPs Killed in Mogadishu Hotel Raid, Fighting

> 24/08/2010 Fighting raged in Mogadishu Tuesday after the Al Qaeda-inspired Shabab group launched an offensive which the government said was a declaration of war on the Somali people, leaving 29 civilians dead.Suspected Shebab fighters stormed a Mogadishu hotel as … Continue reading

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