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BDS movement and the Palestinian Principles

Monday, April 8, 2013 at 2:40PM Gilad Atzmon by Sameh Habeeb Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) – The inalienable rights of the Palestinian people are the basic pillars for constructing a legitimate movement seeking justice, peace and reconciliation. Any departure from … Continue reading

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Syria War is turning into Regional War

Syria War is turning into Regional War. South African President declares BRICS Support for Geneva Declaration by Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) Russian-US relations are in a deep-freeze as the Syria war is spilling across the borders to Lebanon and Iraq. NATO is … Continue reading

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Posted on March 16, 2013 by Libya 360° President of South Africa: We, Along with BRIC S, will Spare No Effort to Implement Geneva Statement Mar 16, 2013 JOHANNESBURG, (SANA) – President of South Africa Jacob Zuma stressed that his … Continue reading

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Is Palestinian Solidarity an Occupied Zone?

By GILAD ATZMON Once involved with Palestinian Solidarity you have to accept that Jews are special and so is their suffering; Jews are like no other people, their Holocaust is like no other genocide and anti Semitism, is the … Continue reading

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BDS, For Whose Sake ?

By Daniel Mabsout, Our concerns with organizations like BDS is not mainly because of what they say or what they do or the kind of affiliations they have . Our concern is that BDS and EI and other organizations- as … Continue reading

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Israel’s nuclear weapons

How Israel Offered to Sell South Africa Nuclear Weapons   Chris Mcgreal | The Guardian  May 24, 2010   Secret apartheid-era papers give first official evidence of Israeli nuclear weapons    The secret military agreement signed by Shimon Peres, now … Continue reading

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Revoking Israel’s UN Membership

Revoking Israel’s UN Membership Israel membership at the UN is conditional on its respect for international law.  By Snorre Lindquist and Lasse Wilhelmson – StockholmThe Gaza Strip is now the largest concentration camp in the world. The situation grows steadily … Continue reading

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Gaza 2012: Palestine’s Long Walk to Freedom

Haidar Eid argues that ” The only option for Palestinians is to follow the same route as the South African struggle.” consequently, no problem in Sharing Our House with Settlers, and  Equal Rights for serial killers…?! The so-called one state solution … Continue reading

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South African Christian Church delegation “traumatised” by Palestine-Israel visit

A delegation of South African Christian Church leaders has just returned from a one-week solidarity visit to the holy cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem in Palestine-Israel. On their return, they released this joint statement [extracts]: “Being South African, it felt … Continue reading

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The facts speak for themselves: Israel is an apartheid state

31 October 2012Ben White Palestine and Israel       Across historic Palestine – Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza – the State of Israel rules over around 12 million people whose rights and privileges are determined on a discriminatory basis.   A … Continue reading

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