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Who’ll mourn Maggie?

by Stuart Littlewood Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 These last two days the airwaves have been awash with eye-dabbing tributes to former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. She has been elevated almost to sainthood by commentators, political hacks and former colleagues. … Continue reading

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DALET Zionism’s diabolical blueprint

DALET: The conspiracy to steal the land of Palestine Plan D shows ‘expulsion and transfer’ were always a key part of the Zionists’ scheme. March 12, 2013 by Stuart Littlewood, source I have to admit, I was only dimly aware … Continue reading

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Toppling Iran: the Zionists’ craziest fantasy

But who will help them act it out? by Stuart Littlewood  “We put a lot of energy with France and Germany into agreeing at the end of July strong additional European Union sanctions on Iran which will begin to bite … Continue reading

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Are Zionists now calling the shots in the Anglican Church?

by Stuart Littlewood Thursday, January 24th, 2013 Rowan Williams, the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury, has stepped down from his post (sigh of relief). Williams’s role as a figure of unity in the worldwide Anglican Communion, which is represented in over … Continue reading

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Boycotting Israel Galloway-style – THE RIGHT STYLE

Galloway, is neither Palestinian, nor Arab, nor Muslim, but, he is more Palestinians than a lot of the Palestinians, especially those in BDS who sold 78% of Palestine, he is Arabic more that the Majority of Arabs, Muslim more than millions of Muslims,  … Continue reading

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Palestinian Leadership Still Asleep at the Wheel?

Empowered, emboldened… but what is the PLO doing with its new UN status?  by Stuart Littlewood The Palestinian Embassy in London has just issued a press release under the heading “Pressing need to halt Israel’s illegal settlement colonization campaign via … Continue reading

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Stark Christmas Message from the Holy Land

“Act and intervene, or nothing will change”  by Stuart Littlewood Peace is possible if justice is possible My first Christmas greeting this year came all the way from Bethlehem itself, just yards from where the Big Story is supposed to have begun … Continue reading

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Why they call him ‘Agent’ Cameron

by Stuart Littlewood Saturday, December 15th, 2012 Britain’s prime minister David Cameron has again shown why he should stand down from British politics. In a speech to Conservative Friends of Israel at a lunch the other day he said – … Continue reading

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The Linkman at work: Don’t ask me how I got it

In his previous article  the “brilliant magician, based of his well known “good” name, drawn out of his sleeve, the one state solution card to obtain the Palestinian recognition by temptation and persuasion and close the so-called Palestinian file. “The … Continue reading

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Civil society calls for trade sanctions but Hague says EU has ‘no enthusiasm’

by Stuart Littlewood Civil society calls for trade sanctions but Hague says EU has ‘no enthusiasm’Earlier this week, in a sham show of ‘get tough’ diplomacy, UK foreign minister Alistair Burt announced that the Israeli ambassador had been formally summoned … Continue reading

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