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Bellemare’s Indictment: British Intelligence Composed the Communications File!

Part 2/4 Nader EzzeddineIn the first part of the report, we presented for the nature of Bellemare’s correlation between Hizbollah and the Martyr Imad Mughniyeh on one side and the names of the indicted. In addition, in the first part, … Continue reading

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Israeli Control Over Telecom Network Technically Confirmed

Local Editor President of the Parliamentary Telecommunications Committee MP Hasan Fadlallah held a joint press conference with deputy president of the Organizing Telecom Committee Dr. Imad Hoballah, and the committee members Diana Abu Ghanem and Mohammad Ayoub. MP Hasan Fadlallah … Continue reading

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Hariri-Court: ‘Data, data, data, …bla, bla, bla…!’

Via FLC “… The probe into the cellphone networks was first revealed in October 2005 in the initial report of a U.N. commission investigating the assassination. The cellphone evidence does beg a question, however. The indictment acknowledges that the conspirators … Continue reading

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>MP Karam to Al-Manar Website: Taif Accord Not Sacred, Amending it Possible

>Hussein Assi MP Salim Karam to Al-Manar Website: We Back Berri’s Call for General Session amid Current Void Taif Agreement Not Sacred… Amending it Remains Possible Inter-Christian Tension Useless… Bkirki Meeting Excellent Bkirki Meeting Not Political, Has No Link with … Continue reading

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>The Zionist lobby toppled the Baker-Hamilton policy

> Via Voltaire Network  • Collapse of Western hypocrisy over settlement • The coup of the Information Branch and the hidden facets of the Telecommunications Ministry • Syria and the defeat of the sabotage plan Arab affairs Editorial: Collapse of … Continue reading

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>MP Qassem Hashem: Saida Blast Serves Lebanon’s Enemies

>Hussein Assi MP Qassem Hashem to Al-Manar Website: Saida Blast Targeting UNIFIL: Nationally, Ethically Condemned Targeting UNIFIL Forces Serves Lebanon’s Enemies Rifi’s Refusal to Carry Out Baroud Orders Tantamount to Riot Member of the Development and Liberation parliamentary bloc in … Continue reading

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>Lebanon’s Police Chief faces legal action for ‘disobedience’

> Via FLC Hariri-Baroud-Nahas (AFP) – ” Lebanon’s police chief is facing legal action linked to an alleged secret telecoms network after the president referred the case to the justice ministry on Monday. President Michel Sleiman asked the justice minister … Continue reading

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