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Palestine and the Status Quo

Updated Real revolution at wark “We should focus here, in particular, on the importance of the change that took place in Egypt and its still continuous repercussions, resulted from the strategic importance of Egypt for being Arab, Islamic and a … Continue reading

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>UK-Israel mutual admiration provokes “technicolor yawn”

> Via RedressBy Stuart Littlewood 5 April 2011 Stuart Littlewood considers the new depths into which the British government has sunk by hailing the UK’s friendship with the rogue state of Israel – a nuclear-armed apartheid entity that commits crimes … Continue reading

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>Democracy under threat over EI funding, Dutch groups say

>Report, The Electronic Intifada, 24 January 2011 Foreign Minister of the Netherlands Uri Rosenthal has threatened to punish the Dutch foundation ICCO for its continued funding of The Electronic Intifada. Dutch civil society organizations condemn the minister’s tactics, warning that … Continue reading

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>Haaretz journalist doubles as anti-"delegitimization" operative

>Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 23 December 2010 (Illustration: Hmbr/Wikimedia Commons) Haaretz has an international reputation as Israel’s most liberal and reliable newspaper. But The Electronic Intifada has discovered that one of the newspaper’s regularly-featured reporters, Cnaan Liphshiz, used his … Continue reading

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>Standing together against US government witch hunt

>Editorial, The Electronic Intifada, 22 December 2010 Protesters in Chicago call for an end to a government witch hunt of anti-war and solidarity activists, 6 December. (Maureen Clare Murphy) As The Electronic Intifada reported in November, international solidarity and anti-war … Continue reading

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>The Electronic Intifada Campaign: Help keep our reporting strong in 2011

>Appeal, The Electronic Intifada, 8 December 2010 Gaza (Matthew Cassel) To remain a strong, independent publication and an educational resource for the Palestine solidarity and justice movement, The Electronic Intifada needs the support of readers and friends like you. Please … Continue reading

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>Why NGO Monitor is attacking The Electronic Intifada

>Report, The Electronic Intifada, 30 November 2010 NGO Monitor’s campaign of public defamation against The Electronic Intifada focuses on support the publication receives from a Dutch foundation. NGO Monitor has launched a campaign targeting a Dutch foundation’s financial support to … Continue reading

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