Category Archives: Tim King Under Attack Over Articles Revealing Suspected Illegal Nuclear Weapon Use

Tim King Individual makes numerous false claims and they are landing everywhere; this article offers clarity about our reports. Not an actual image of Roger HelbigSpecial thanks:  (SALEM) – It has come to our attention that an … Continue reading

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Two faces of the Same Shekel: "Hey free Israel", "Hey anti-zionist zionist" … "Our enemy and your enemy is one"

The latest scandals of Istanbul Council  [On behalf of the moderate Sunni majority, a representative for “general body of the Syrian revolution” demanded Israel support of the Syrian revolution “against” enemy “Shiite!!?  Exposing the untold… 141 members of … Continue reading

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Know Your Enemy! End the Ridiculous Persecution of Gilad Atzmon

Political Perspective by Tim King Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon works tirelessly for Palestinians, criticizing Israeli war crimes, yet members of the movement call for others to ‘Disavowal’ his ‘Racism and Antisemitism’ Who is antisemitic? Gilad Atzmon vents about the acts … Continue reading

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>Tim King : Is Israel Waging a Military Assault on Intellectuals?

> Via MCS – 18. May, 2011  An unprecedented number of arrests, it just doesn’t make sense. Tim King (SALEM, Ore.) – Yesterday we reported the arrest of Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, a writer and high profile educator and … Continue reading

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>Living with the Nakba revisionists- our sunshine is not for franchise.

> THE NAKBA REPRESENTS 63 YEARS OF ISRAELI OCCUPATION by Tim King / My Catbird Seat SALEM, Ore.) – Each year as we approach 15 May, Palestinians and humanitarians all over the world but particularly those in Palestine, observe the … Continue reading

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Threats of Jewish Violence Canned Seattle Bus Ads…

Threats of Jewish Violence Canned Seattle Bus Ads… WebsiteTeam Network Next time government proposes something you don’t like, simply follow the lead of Seattle’s pro-Israel set and threaten violence; it works like a charm. King:”I think I will organize a … Continue reading

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>A Response to the Pro-Zionist American

> reader responds to article, Why We Criticize Israel by Tim King. A growing trend that national mainstream media always ignores; a whole lot of really awesome Jewish people who know the harm Israel represents, and are anti-Zionist. Courtesy: … Continue reading

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