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US looted thousands of Iraq’s cultural treasures

 Source An Iraqi archaeologist and architect says the United States has stolen thousands of ‘Iraq’s cultural treasures’ during the war in the Arab nation. “Some 35,000 small and large items are missing from the National Museum of Iraq,” said Ihsan … Continue reading

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McClatchy: ‘America IS arming Jihadists in Syria!’

Via FLC “… Rebels who belong to the Victory Brigade – a group whose alliance with the Hama provincial military council makes it acceptable to U.S. officials who are deciding where aid should go – were giddy as they showed off … Continue reading

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History of USA Funding Al Qaeda

PRISTINA – Wikileaks cables revealed by “Wikileaks” show for a while, at least in the years 2001-2002, Osama Bin Laden had his people in Kosovo, KTV reports. ”Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation” was the financial arm for terrorist activities Al-Qaeda anywhere in the … Continue reading

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China will keep supporting North Korea against US

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un uses binoculars to inspect a live-fire drill using self-propelled drones at an undisclosed location in North Korea, March 20, 2013. Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:40AM GMT   By Yusuf Fernandez Although there have … Continue reading

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The U.S. retreat smokescreen in Syria?

هل بدأت أميركا بإطلاق دخان حجب التراجع في سورية؟ ‏الخميس‏، 11‏ نيسان‏، 2013 أوقات الشام ع .د أمين حطيط أ. عندما يحلّل المراقب ما تسارع من مواقف ووقائع ميدانية محيطة، أو ذات صلة بالأزمة السورية، يكون ملزماً بالبحث عن الاتجاه … Continue reading

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What is the real American game in Syria?

  US Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey (R) and Turkish Chief of Staff General Necdet Ozel inspect a guard of honour in Ankara on September 17, 2012. Tue Apr 9, 2013 9:33AM GMT   By Jim W. Dean My … Continue reading

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Posted on April 10, 2013 by Alexandra Valiente UN Report Stresses Flow of Weapons from Libya to Terrorists in Syria across Turkey and Northern Lebanon Apr 10, 2013 UNITED NATIONS, (SANA)- In a new proof added to the group of … Continue reading

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World Alarmed over N.Korea Missile Launch, Pyongyang Slams Seoul Policies

Local Editor  North Korea kept the world on edge Thursday over an expected rocket launch, as Pyongyang said that Seoul’s confrontation policies were responsible for the closure of Kaesong joint industrial zone.South Korean intelligence says the North has prepared two … Continue reading

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What Christians Don’t Know About Israel

By Grace Halsell  Note:  This article was written in 1998 by the late Grace Halsell.  Sadly it remains relevant today.   April 10, 2013 “Information Clearing House” –   American Jews sympathetic to Israel dominate key positions in all areas of our … Continue reading

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Holy Syrian blood cleanses the world

الدم السوري المقدس يطهر العالم ‏الأربعاء‏، 10‏ نيسان‏، 2013 أوقات الشام ناجي الزعبي الصمود السوري , وخيارات التصدي , والمقاومه , كالماء المقدس الذي اخذ يطهر جسد العالم من الشرور , والاثام التي عانت منها شعوب الارض عبر عقود ممتدة … Continue reading

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