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Damascus Aorta bombing .. The great taste of death …

تفجير الشريان الأبهر لدمشق ..طعم الموت العظيم …‏بقلم: نارام سرجون‏ بعض الكلام الذي يقال في النوائب والمصائب يبدو ثقيلا وباردا مهما كان عذبا ودافئا .. ومهما كان فيه من الأسبرين والمهدئات والعقاقير .. ومهما كان بردا وسلاما فانه يقع على … Continue reading

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The War on Afghanistan is a Profit driven "Resource War".

Source – Another link    US and NATO forces invaded Afghanistan more than eleven years ago.  Afghanistan is defined as a state sponsor of terrorism. The war on Afghanistan continues to be heralded as a war of retribution in response to the … Continue reading

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Israeli Forces Arrest 1-year-old Palestinian Terrorist

by Barb Weir Sunday, January 20th, 2013 Israeli Captain Ramit Dan-Dertroht arrests 1-year-old Palestinian terrorist Qamar Awad in the south Hebron hills Alert Israeli forces yesterday thwarted a potential terrorist attack by a 1-year-old Palestinian. The terrorist, Qamar Awad, was … Continue reading

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Islamist rebels for France: Terrorists in Mali, friends in Syria!!

Two days ago I posted: Double Standards: France against terrorism in Mali with it in Syria   Islamist rebels for France: Terrorists in Mali, friends in Syria! While France finds itself committed to intervene in Mali TO PROTECT THE STATE against … Continue reading

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German Publicist Todenhöfer: Appeal to Barack Obama

By Viktor Reznov – November 13, 2012 – Posted in: Sideviews The German publicist and journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer (Todenhoefer) has asked to share, print, sign and send this letter (below) to the re-elected U.S. President and so-called Nobel Peace Prize … Continue reading

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The End of the New World Order

    The upheavals of the early 21st century have changed our world. Now, in the aftermath of failed wars and economic disasters, pressure for a social alternative can only grow By Seumas Milne October 19, 2012 “The Guardian” – … Continue reading

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CNN wonders if ‘rebels’ are turning into ‘terrorists’

FLC Posted by G, M, Z, or B at 6:51 AM   River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!  

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