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How Damascene Jews Hope to Return… to Normalcy

 Franklin Lamb Al-manar Bab Touma Jewish Quarter, Damascus— Growing up in the small town of Milwaukie, Oregon and until after graduating from high school, I never knew or knowingly met a Jew. Not until my first post-high school job as … Continue reading

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A critical look at Zionist education and racism

Ramona Wadi Thursday, 04 April 2013 17:00   “Israeli war crimes, meanwhile, are justified within Zionist discourse as a means of “security”.   Zionist narrative expects Israeli children to be imbued with a false sense of nationalism which is instrumental … Continue reading

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Prosecute groups that support Israeli crimes

Editor Jewish hasbara bodies aiding and abetting Israeli crimes must face the full force of the law By Nureddin SabirEditor, Redress Information & Analysis The world of Jewish politics is so back to front and upside down that, when … Continue reading

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The Role of the Israel Lobby in the Growth of “Christian Zionism”

It’s a strange phenomena, Christianity and Zionism are really at opposite ends of the spectrum, Zionism is all about perceived racial superiority and disrespect to all other races & religions, the aim to create diversions, to encourage hostility among peoples, … Continue reading

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Over 200 Palestinians have died in Israeli gulags

The Plague of Occupation Prisons A Palestinian demonstrator prepare rocks to be thrown during clashes with the Israeli army in Hebron 3 April 2013. Palestinians across the West Bank and Gaza were observing a general strike, with prisoners refusing food … Continue reading

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BBC defends false claims about Rachel Corrie

BBC defends false claims linking Rachel Corrie to killings of Israeli soldiers Amena Saleem   London 3 April 2013 largerachfront.jpg Rachel Corrie and another international activist defending a Palestinian home shortly before Corrie was killed by the Israeli army bulldozer. … Continue reading

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The Staggering Cost of the jewish terror state to Americans has a population of approximately 7.8 million, or a million fewer than the state of New Jersey. It is among the world’s most affluent nations, with a per capita income similar to that of the European Union.[1] Israel’s unemployment … Continue reading

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