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Bailout Rejected,EU Urges US to Take Responsibilities

Bailout Rejected,EU Urges US to Take ResponsibilitiesReaders Number : 119 30/09/2008 The European Commission urged the United States on Tuesday to “take its responsibilities” after US lawmakers rejected a vast Wall Street bailout plan. “The US must take its responsibility … Continue reading

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Rights org: Eight years of intifada, international failure

Huwwara checkpoint outside the West Bank city of Nablus, September 2008. (Rami Swidan/MaanImages)Press release, Al Mezan, 29 September 2008 On Sunday, 28 September 2008, the second intifada (uprising) entered its ninth year in the midst of the Israeli Occupation Forces’ … Continue reading

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Decline and Fall of the US political system

It’s the autumn of our old republic By Justin Raimondo” …..Power breeds arrogance and quickly becomes an overweening pride.In Washington, they imagine they can legislate their way out of the crisis and once again conjure up a convenient reality: this, … Continue reading

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Israel Hails “Decapitator, Throat Slitter” Meir Dagan

I said it long time ago to “Syria lovers” at Barbi house, previosly known as Palestinian Pandit, who isisted that Syria is involved in the assasination of Moghniyeh. March 14 movement is still reppeating the same shit Israel Hails “Decapitator, … Continue reading

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‘US textbooks misrepresent Jews, Israel’

Jerusalem Post is not pleased with how Islam and Muslim are presented in text books in the US: “The same glossary describes the Koran as a “Holy Book of Islam containing revelations received by Muhammad from God” – without a … Continue reading

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Arab Traitors

By Robert ThompsonSep 29, 2008, 17:33 Our Arab friends have to suffer many sad things, but perhaps the saddest of all is when their suffering is due to the cowardice and treachery of Arab rulers, whose only interest is in … Continue reading

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Olmert: Israel withdrawal needed – Why do they do that when they leave office ?

“Did you hear Olmert talk about freeing Most the westbank , east Jerusalem and the Golan heights ? Why do they do that when they leave office ? Like Jimmy carter when he rememebered the Palestinians when he left office … Continue reading

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