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54% Americans: ‘It is more important to have stability in the Middle East, even if there is less democracy!’

FLC [PEW] “… A majority of Americans (54%) say it is more important to have stable governments in the Middle East, even if there is less democracy in the region, while 30% say it is more important to have democratic … Continue reading

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US Elections and the Middle East

US President Barack Obama (R) listens as Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (L) speaks at Magness Arena at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, October 3, 2012. Mon Oct 15, 2012 5:34AM By Ramzy Baroud Although some real differences … Continue reading

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The Ziocons & ‘shitting the proverbial pants’

Via FLC “…America is a country that has grown complacent in its assumptions about the Middle East and its politics, and too wedded to the idea of having an imperial role in the region (of which CENTCOM is the embodiment) … Continue reading

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US Official: ‘Contrary to what the NYTimes reported, we are returning to the lowest troop level in the Middle East!’

Via FLC “… Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security advisor for strategic communications, told a group of supporters on a private conference call Wednesday that the entire idea of deploying large numbers of troops in the region, which has been … Continue reading

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Poll: ‘Striking Arab ambivalence towards foreign intervention & support for a nuclear Iran!’

Via FLC “… The poll also found overwhelming support for opposition forces battling autocratic governments in Syria (86%) and Yemen (89%), as well as strong support in the region for the opposition in Bahrain (64%), although majorities in the two … Continue reading

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Contributed by nysoulcontrolla SALAAM,SEE IF THIS INTERESTS YOU..WHO’S WHO IN NEW SYRIAN NATIONAL COUNCIL? MORE OF THE SAME PRO WESTERN ,IMPERIAL PUPPETS From left: Ahmed Ramadan, Bassma Kodmani, Abdulbaset Seida and Imad Aldeen Rashid speak as a group of … Continue reading

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>Anthony Lawson : The Death of American Democracy VIDEO

> Israels’ prime minister Benjamin Netanyahus’ ‘standing ovations speech’ before joint meeting of United States congress– May-24-2011 – 25. Jun, 2011           It was the final nail in a coffin, the construction of which began long ago By Anthony Lawson / … Continue reading

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>JAMES WALL : A Walk on the Dark Side of Israeli Dominated American Politics

> Glenn Beck at DC Rally — ynet news – 19. Jun, 2011         With his texting bad conduct behind him, Weiner is now free to join the Glenn Beck team. Rod Blagojevich let his greed overrule his good judgment. As … Continue reading

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>US-China relations in the Middle East …

> ULC OXFAN; excerpts;“… China’s increasing involvement in the Middle East represents the convergence of two major security concerns: security in the Pacific and energy security. Each problem set has its own specialists, its own disputes and its own dynamics, … Continue reading

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>Ofergate: The Latest Zionist Propaganda Blitz Against Iran

> Britain Iraq Pakistan – 11. Jun, 2011           The origins of this hasbara will be dealt with in a moment. The first question is, why would the American government, which is dominated and controlled by Zionists of every known type, … Continue reading

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