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Zionist Bernard Henry Levy: "Settlments are not ‘colonies’ but ‘implantations’!"

Via FLC “… on the radio, the main news program called Forum featured a lengthy (16 min) interview of … Bernard-Henri Levy! True to himself he speaks with grandeur and uses theatrical wording to bluff. The interviewer must have been … Continue reading

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>Rights group petitions for arrest warrant as Peres arrives in Switzerland

> [ 28/03/2011 – 07:00 PM ] GENEVA, (PIC)– A Switzerland-based rights group has petitioned for local courts to issue an arrest warrant against Shimon Peres as the Israeli president arrives Monday for a visit to the country. The Rights … Continue reading

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>Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails go on hunger strike

> [ 28/03/2011 – 08:27 AM ] GENEVA, (PIC)– More than 20 human rights groups in Switzerland will gather in Geneva on Monday to protest a visit by Israeli President Shimon Peres to the country. They have been working to … Continue reading

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>Swiss President announces plans to break Gaza siege

> [ 23/03/2011 – 11:51 PM ] GAZA, (PIC)– Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey has announced her country is developing a project to open up all crossings to the Gaza Strip, which has been suffocating for the last five years from … Continue reading

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> March 13, 2011 posted by Gordon Duff · VT “NAME YOUR OWN CAPTION” CONTEST FOR MARCH LIBYA’S SWISS JIHAD, MORE THAN YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW…  By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior EditorLibya isn’t the world’s first all corporate war.  … Continue reading

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> February 6, 2011 posted by Gordon Duff · FORMER PRESIDENT FACES “WIKI-ARREST” By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Former President George “W” Bush has been forced to cancel a highly paid speaking engagement to an Israeli group in Switzerland.  … Continue reading

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The Danger of Majority Tyranny

Via Al-Manar 03/03/2010 Thomas W. Bechtler – Open DemocracyMarch 2, 2010 Switzerland’s democracy lies nearer to the dividing line between direct democracy and tyranny of the majority than most. Last year’s decision to outlaw minarets reflects the dangers of crossing … Continue reading

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