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Revoking Israel’s UN Membership

Revoking Israel’s UN Membership Israel membership at the UN is conditional on its respect for international law.  By Snorre Lindquist and Lasse Wilhelmson – StockholmThe Gaza Strip is now the largest concentration camp in the world. The situation grows steadily … Continue reading

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UK’s responsibility to the Palestinians

Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 2:12PM Gilad Atzmon   Introduction by GA: In the following Guardian letter a few Palestinians and Pro Palestinian activists call for the British government to acknowledge publicly the responsibility for previous British administrations for the … Continue reading

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From the Balfour to the Abbas Declaration

In giving promise to Israel that the Palestinian refugees will not return Abbas gave full recognitions to the Right of Return for all “Jews”    WHAT A TRAITOR WHAT A FOOL Hear me well Mahmoud Balfour son of Zion You speak … Continue reading

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Campaign for apology from UK for Balfour declaration  Ottoman empire in 1914, before its defeat in the first world war. The dark brown is Ottoman territory, the pinks are nominal Ottoman land. PRC organizes campaign “Britain, It’s Time To Apologize”By Palestinian Information CentreOctober 22, 2012LONDON, – The … Continue reading

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Palestine’s Abu Mazen rescinds his right of return on Israeli TV

Comment: Traitor Mahmoud Abbas, has the right to sell his right of return, not mine. In  Camp David, He and Arafat asked for a symbolic ROR, Just 100,000, above 60, and in 20 years.As far as I know from Abbas’s nephew, the … Continue reading

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Britain must atone for its sins in Palestine

Ever since the Balfour Declaration of 1917, Britain has denied our people their rights On the run: Britain has not taken the steps to realise the establishment of a free state of Palestine Photo: Getty Images     Over the … Continue reading

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What is Zionism?

by Lasse Wilhelmson Thursday, August 16th, 2012 – its history and role over the past 150 years Mount Zion, Jerusalem Moses Hess Zionism is, according to its own prominent figures, a religious/political movement the aim of which is to create … Continue reading

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Why Turkey won’t go to war with Syria

by Pepe Escobar Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan never saw it coming. The tension and likelihood of a world war because of the conflict in Syria is currently on the cards because certain countries are behaving like arsonists, especially … Continue reading

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The History of US-Israel Relations

Part One How the “special relationship” was created Alison WeirSeptember 2011 [We feel this information is so important that we are posting it now. However, this is an ongoing project and the below text is an incomplete, uncorrected draft. Please … Continue reading

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On Nakba Day

15 May 2012 By Walid Khalidi Palestinian Nakba Day. This date commemorates the end, on 15 May 1948, of the so-called “Mandate” over Palestine “granted” to Britain by the League of Nations (the UN’s predecessor) following the end of World … Continue reading

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