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"US Marines stick together" the story of a "Palestinian" Bastard

Veteran Sami Jadallah arrived in the US back in 1962 as an immigrant, he joined the US Army on June 2nd 1966, it so shocking to see men doing all they can to get out of the draft and going to war… … Continue reading

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The "True" Story ………

If you want the ‘true” Story Behind Damascus ‘False Flag’ Bombing Caught on Camera, Egypt NGO’s check Dr. Ashraf Izat. Mainstream Media keeps al-Qaeda Myth Alive. he wrote, consequently Al-qaeda, the CIA creation, never exisited, after liberation of Afghanistan, niether in Iraq, … Continue reading

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SITE Intelligence, Reputed Mossad Operation Claims to Credit Al Qaeda for Iraq Bombings

Mossad Bombings in Iraq Wrongly Credited to Al Qaeda The recent round of bombings in Iraq, according to an Israeli source credited with endless false reports, phony bin Laden tapes and videos and numerous other obfuscations yesterday claimed Al Qaeda … Continue reading

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Gordon Duff out of fuel

Cowardly America: How We Became a Paper Tiger “The US forces there (In Afghanistan), because of the problem with Pakistan are under a fuel blockade.  No jet fuel is getting to Afghanistan and America is running out. The big problem … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s Israel v. American Jews

var addthis_product = ‘wpp-262’;var addthis_config = {“data_track_clickback”:true,”data_track_addressbar”:false};if (typeof(addthis_share) == “undefined”){ addthis_share = [];} Asking All The Wrong Questions  The Duping of American Jews in An Election Year by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor I consider it a source of pride, … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Gordaffi at Gaddafi’s Capture and the "next mission"

Gordaffi’s Note: With all the confusion at Gaddafi’s capture, there was one “journalist present”. In this case, he was commanding a unit that had been tracking, had been hunting Gaddafi for weeks. Below is his story. [Gordaffii’s well known “independent … Continue reading

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Gordon Duff Calling for unity??? What Time is It?

Warning: What Time is It? “A statement of fact, reasonable and sensible, today would be worse than any of the phony “Al Qaeda” videos foisted on the public by the neocon/bankster conspiracy. What is that fact? Using force, police, military … Continue reading

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