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Chavez: Visionary Leader Extraordinaire

  by Stephen Lendman He and Castro matter most. They don’t come any better. They transformed their countries responsibly. Doing so made the impossible possible. They did it against long odds. They won over hearts and minds.   Castro did … Continue reading

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Fidel Castro: Cuba Lost Its Best Friend… Chavez

Local Editor  Cuban leader Fidel Castro eulogized on Monday Venezuela’s late leader as “the best friend Cuba ever had,” in his first remarks since Hugo Chavez’ passing. Writing in the daily Granma newspaper, Castro eulogized Chavez, who died last week, … Continue reading

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Another 7 Days of Mourning in Venezuela, State Funeral Held Friday

Local Editor  A state funeral is to be held Friday for late Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, as the Vice President announced that another seven days of mourning were decided. VP Nicolas Maduro, who is the country’s acting President, declared seven … Continue reading

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  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died of cancer at a military hospital in Caracas on March 5, 2013. . By Dr. Kevin Barrett Press TV March 6, 2012. We know that the bankers who own the US government routinely try … Continue reading

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Chavez Returns

by Stephen Lendman He’s home. He arrived on February 18 at 2:30AM Caracas time. He announced his arrival via Twitter. “I have returned to the Venezuelan homeland,” he said. “Thank God!! Thank you beloved people! I will continue the treatment … Continue reading

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The American War against the Syrian state without prospects

Orient Tendencies Monday January 14, 2013, no114 Weekly information and analysis bulletin specialized in Arab Middle Eastern affairs prepared by Editor in chief Wassim Raad New Orient Center for Strategic policies By Ghaleb Kandil From what has came … Continue reading

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    May we have the discrimination that makes us prefer and choose what is good for us . Our heart is partially turned to that which is good and our heart is growing bigger and sometimes we think we … Continue reading

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