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America’s the world’s leading human rights abuser

Globalized Torture by Stephen Lendman America’s the world’s leading human rights abuser. State terror is official policy. So is waging war on humanity.  Guantanamo operates lawlessly. It’s America’s public face. It’s the tip of the iceberg. More on that … Continue reading

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Playing the North Korea Card

by Stephen Lendman For decades, North Korea’s wanted normalized relations with Washington. It’s been repeatedly rebuffed. Promises made were broken. America needs enemies.North Korea’s straight from central casting. Media scoundrels take full advantage. On April 2, Washington Post editors headlined … Continue reading

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Playing the Venezuelan Anti-Semitism Card

by Stephen Lendman Throughout his tenure, Washington officials vilified Chavez unjustifiably. So did media scoundrels. He was America top hemispheric enemy. Donald Rumsfeld once likened him to Hitler. Pat Robertson called for his assassination. Anti-semitism accusations surfaced often. His December … Continue reading

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Unbreakable US – Israeli Ties

By Stephen Lendman Global Research, March 22, 2013   Longstanding US/Israeli ties remain firm. Obama’s visit reinforces them. It does more.It assures continued support. It endorses hardline extremism. It affirms occupation harshness. It lets Israel do what it pleases. America’s … Continue reading

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Obama Killed Chavez

Chavez Accuses CIA of Backing Plot to Kill Him By Stephen Lendman – Posted on 14 March 2013   Most likely he was either poisoned or infected with cancer causing substances. Four cancer surgeries in 18 months raise suspicions.   … Continue reading

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Serial Killer Heads CIA

  March 10th, 2013 by Stephen Lendman Chalmers Johnson called the CIA the president’s private army. Imperial Rome had its praetorian guard. It served and protected emperors. CIA rogues work the same way. They do lots more than that. Extrajudicial … Continue reading

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Chavez: Visionary Leader Extraordinaire

  by Stephen Lendman He and Castro matter most. They don’t come any better. They transformed their countries responsibly. Doing so made the impossible possible. They did it against long odds. They won over hearts and minds.   Castro did … Continue reading

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Media Scoundrels Pillory Chavez Before He’s Buried

  by Stephen LendmanHis passing made no difference. Media scoundrels don’t quit. They spent 14 years vilifying him. They did it unfairly. They haven’t stopped.They’re called scoundrels for good reason. They violate fundamental journalistic ethics. They lie for power. They … Continue reading

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Whitewashing Israeli Murder by Torture

by Stephen Lendman img class=”alignright size-full wp-image-241762″ style=”border: 1px solid black; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px;” title=”A Palestinian woman reacts as an Israeli soldier detains her son in Hebron” src=”” alt=”” width=”342″ height=”256″ />Torture is official Israeli policy. It’s longstanding. Palestinian … Continue reading

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West Bank Village Struggles to Survive

by Stephen Lendman Batir is special. Its heritage is longstanding. It’s been that way for centuries. It’s one of Palestine’s most beautiful villages.It’s built around natural spring water. It’s dotted by wells and reservoirs. Traditional agriculture is its way of … Continue reading

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