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Clueless Arab and Palestinian leaders and pundits

“I don’t feel that it is right to simply indulge in reckless Assad-bashing like many Arab and, sadly, Palestinian, pundits do.” “For a while, I just assumed that they are misguided, but sincere, but when they turned their ideological hatred … Continue reading

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>Syria, the "Revolution" of NATO, Arab IDIOTS and ‘disappointed’ Libyan rebels

> Tony finally found it: It’s a Nato “Revolution”, he even dared to smear the ‘disappointed’ Libyan rebels. He forget that he, the same Idiot, smeared Hugo Chavez for adding to his Shame of supporting Libya, the shame of supporting … Continue reading

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>Hamas confirms support for Syria’s people and leadership

> [ 02/04/2011 – 03:08 PM ] DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas has said in a statement on Saturday that it stands by both the leadership and people of Syria, praising Syria’s leadership and people for siding with the movement to resist … Continue reading

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>Resistance Magician: He invented something different – Some of his biography

>We learned that when the Enemy advance, the resistance retreat, HIDEImad invented some new rules: It worked in July and War on Gaza مرت على فلسطين من سنة 48 الى الآن ستون سنة، أي ستة أجيال ولدت، واستهلكت الكثير من … Continue reading

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>The Palesinian IDIOT got an Urgent Message About Egypt

> Comment:  Since Mubarak send his F16 and Heocopters It was clear that it was a message to the army, more than the people on streets. Having read between the lines of the released army statement, and knowing that the … Continue reading

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>Pastor Terry Jones Vis "Pastor" Tony Sayegh

> You know the first, the second is more dangerous, The first is calling for burning the Book of “terrorism” The second [Palestian Idiot who left Gaza after 1967War]is calling to stop memorising the the Book of “terrorism” to stop … Continue reading

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>The Holy Vengeance

>On Friday, September 10, 2010, Tony Sayegh, a Gazan Christian covert to secularism, submitted charges against the Muslim’s most holly book Quran, and the “Holly War Monger”, Ismael Haneyya. Memorising Quaran, threaten’s the world peace, the shortest ways towards religious war. [Consequentely, the … Continue reading

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Who Killed Hariri? Who Killed Imad Mugniyah??

Who Killed Hariri? Israel’s Hidden Hands in Lebanon By ESAM AL-AMINCounterPunch “…..But pinning the assassination of Hariri on Hezbollah could be the trigger to a bloody sectarian civil war by exploiting the Sunni-Shi’a divide. At minimum Israel and its allies … Continue reading

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I Smell a Rat: Two Telling Polls

لإصخ As I wrote before, I brought this pull from “Palestinian” Idiot site where the pull is designed to force the voters to say “YES”, or “NO” for resolving PA in both Occupied West Bank and Liberated (besieged) Gaza. The … Continue reading

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‘Hamas-led resistance in Gaza trigered the ‘Mediterranean Intifada’

Guess What? It is a Birthday Party! Yes! The Palestinian IDIOT Has Turned Four! I brought the following post from the Palestinian IDIOT site – Mollistine: Indeed the “Mediterranean Intifada” is a turning point in the history of the Palestinian … Continue reading

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