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Israeli Massacres

Israeli Massacres: Details and Numbers Although the Image that Israel distributes about herself is that of an oppressed nation, it is with heavy hearts that we present these crimes that stand for themselves for the brutality of the Israeli Army … Continue reading

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>Abandoning Zionism is NOT the Solution

> By Exilem In the Historical perspective, Zionism is not exceptional or unique. It is rather a bastard ad-mixture of every ideological garbage peddled in the 19th and early 20th Century, augmented by contemporaneous technology that enabled them to reach … Continue reading

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>Of Trojan Horses, Libertarian Traps and Blueprints for a Judeo-centric NWO

> By exilem Celente is a somewhat likable character. Aside a bit stuck in the 1980s, he seems to be a follower of the Libertarian & Tea Party drift, which is a trap set up by the same Corporate and … Continue reading

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Exilem: No "equal rights" for an entity defined by endless savagery

“equal rights”, even the words by themselves are an offence to everything which has carried mankind’s aspirations to Justice and Freedom. The situation has clarified itself through time and is unequivocally clear: “Israel” and its foreign Jewish population, have no … Continue reading

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To Kill a Mad Dog

By Exilem To further nothing else than the status quo, it suffice to be solely realist and never challenge the forces in presence, especially when the balance of forces are disproportionally unfavorable. There is nothing new in this principle, since … Continue reading

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