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Picnics at the border: Hezbollah resistance in Bint Jbeil and Maroun ar Ras

By Eva Bartlet *monument at Maroun ar Ras, site of Hezbollah defeat of Israeli army Some time after descending further south from the former Khiam prison, the fortified fence separating Lebanon and occupied Palestine appears, as do the red-roofed Israeli … Continue reading

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>Palestinian Youth… New Hope for Near Return

>Sara Taha It has been 63 years since the UK handed over Palestine to Zionist gangs allowing them to forcibly exile the Palestinian natives from their homes and establish a racist state that overpowers and terrorizes all its neighboring countries. … Continue reading

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>Time to tear down the fences

> Rahela Mizrahi The Electronic Intifada Tel Aviv 28 May 2011 Israeli soldiers patrol the fence between Syria and the occupied Golan Heights town of Majdal Shams. (Oren Ziv ActiveStills) I spent a part of my youth in a kibbutz … Continue reading

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>Sayyed Nasrallah on Liberation Day 2011: ’’Again..Israel’’ is Weaker than A Spider Web

>Nour Rida On the eleventh anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation Day, the 25th of May 2011, Hizbullah organized a ceremony celebrating the first and sole victory in the region against the so-called unbeatable “Israeli” enemy. Following the festival program, … Continue reading

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>US Embassy In Lebanon: ‘We’ve Asked For Clarification Regarding ‘Nakba Day’ Events At Maroun Al-Ras’

> Via FLC (US General discussed LAF’s role on Nakba day with ISF’s Ashraf Rifi? at least this is what MEMRI ‘translated’) “The U.S. Embassy in Beirut has said that during his visit to Beirut May 19-20, U.S. Gen. John … Continue reading

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>Obama’s Middle East Speech and Nakba Day 2011

>Zionism’s coming Nakba will mean justice, sixty-three days late, for those who were ethnically cleansed from their country.Franklin Lamb –Beirut  Robert Satloff No sooner had President Obama turned from his teleprompter at the State Department on 5/19/11 than the AIPAC … Continue reading

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>HRW calls on Israel to investigate killings during Nakba day protests

>[ 22/05/2011 – 09:59 PM ]  OCCUPIED JERUSALEM– Israel should conduct prompt, thorough, and independent criminal investigations into the killings of protesters by military forces on May 15, 2011, Human Rights Watch said Friday.Fourteen people were killed during demonstrations in … Continue reading

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