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What Christians Don’t Know About Israel

By Grace Halsell  Note:  This article was written in 1998 by the late Grace Halsell.  Sadly it remains relevant today.   April 10, 2013 “Information Clearing House” –   American Jews sympathetic to Israel dominate key positions in all areas of our … Continue reading

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    …….And the winner is!!! Comment by Gilad Atzmon: One may wonder what brings a Palestinian activist to compose such a twit? Does Ali Abunimah really care about Judaism and its reputation? And why does he believe that Zionism conspires … Continue reading

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NATO expert: ‘Israel is affraid to attack Hizballah’

Posted on February 19, 2013 | Dr. Jean-Loup Samaan is a researcher-lecturer of Israel-Hizballah conflict at the NATO Defence College in Rome and former policy adviser for the French Ministry of Defense and a visiting scholar for the RAND, an … Continue reading

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Israel rejects US report on Israel-PA education

    Posted on February 9, 2013 |   The Zionist Education Ministry has rejected the findings of a US State Department funded study, which has claimed that the textbooks taught in Gaza and the West Bank don’t teach hatred … Continue reading

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Arab Tea and Sympathy: Gaza, Jewry and The Right of Return

by Kashif Ahmed Saturday, December 1st, 2012 Today’s extremist Jew has three very real, equally grave, concerns: The international backlash over the fact that Israel did 9/11. The end of Rothschild’s fractional reserve, Fiat currency scam (i.e. paper money) and … Continue reading

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The Vatican says it the way it is

The Vatican says it the way it is, prompting wails about “anti-Semitism” and “blood libel” as if that makes it all OK Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Vatican Council for Culture, commenting on the war between Israel and Hamas, … Continue reading

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The Psychopathology Of Being Jewish

The Psychopathology Of Being Jewish And Getting Away With It Psychopaths do not reveal themselves until they do something which requires a conscience. They can imitate the behavior of others and for example to pretend grief at a funeral. But … Continue reading

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 A note to brother Michael   The Author, Khalid Hamayreh, is a son of Sectarian Bitch, the site where you picked his article is low-calorie zionist site mixing zioninst poison with honey. Don’t be fooled with his honey;   Khalid … Continue reading

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Israel, The Day After

By Gilad Atzmon Last week, an interesting article by Daniel Gordis appeared on Gordis, a committed Zionist intellectual, is concerned about the inevitable collapse of the Jewish state and its impact on world Jewry in general and American Jews … Continue reading

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A Review of ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ by E. Michael Jones

The Jewish Revolutionary Spiritand its Impact on World HistoryBy E. Michael Jones  Reviewed by Richard Edmondson Recently while visiting the blog Wake Up From Your Slumber I came across the interview with E. Michael Jones that you can hear in … Continue reading

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