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When I was seven, Jesus cried…

By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian   When I was seven, Jesus cried…   When I was sevenI was livingIn a beautiful villageNorth of JerusalemNear the heart of Palestine     I used to playWhere Jesus used to prayI ran up … Continue reading

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Stop the Press: 0.000125 % of the Jews are Ethical and Universalists

By Gilad Atzmon The Messiah must be finally here–or at least just around the corner! What other conclusion can be drawn from the fact that in the last few days almost 50 Jews, most of them notorious for being Anti-Zionist … Continue reading

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Jewish Projection For Christmas

       By Gilad AtzmonOne day before Christmas, the Israeli embassy in Ireland posted a message on its Facebook page that said that if Jesus and Mary were alive today in Bethlehem, they would probably be lynched by local Arabs.The Israeli … Continue reading

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Jesus was a Palestinian

Christmas, Jesus & the Palestinian Genocide: wonderful Jesus was a Palestinian   by: Dr Gideon PolyaThursday December 20, 2012 – 22:29 On Christmas Day the World celebrates the birth of Jesus but needs to loudly and publicly proclaim the truth … Continue reading

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Israel’s war on Christianity

Israel’s new Herods and Palestine’s Christians Editor By Jamal KanjI’m writing from Finland this week, where the omnipresence of snowflakes and festive Christmas lights heralds another year celebrating the birth of Jesus. In parallel, the descendants of the Messiah in … Continue reading

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Israeli embassy’s Facebook page

  Good enough for gullible Americans I guess but the Israeli Embassy conveniently “forgot”that it was the Jews that chose to have Jesus crucified Israeli embassy’s Facebook page says Palestinians would ‘lynch’ Jesus and Mary Posted by Max Fisher on … Continue reading

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Karbala and Calvary, Two Resistance Pillars Inspiring Activists in West

Franklin Lamb Nabatieh, LebanonAs the culture and the era of resistance spreads internationally, with objectives as disparate, but linked, as the liberation of Palestine, the resistance to western hegemony in the Middle East, and obtaining the elementary civil rights to … Continue reading

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