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Chosen by Whom? Video of Kabbalistic Cursing Ceremony in Cemetery

By Richard Edmondson If God answers prayers, does Satan do likewise? It would perhaps make for a lively, spirited theological debate, and doubtless are those who would argue the case in the affirmative (presumably convinced—through personal experience perhaps?—of the correctness … Continue reading

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The Inmates at Camp Fluffy

By Richard Edmondson Imagine the following: A physical space resembling a campus; landscaped yards, and hedges shaped into giant globes; windows, trees, flowers—a place where one may lie out on the grass and tan…. Sounds like a pretty nice place, … Continue reading

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JEWS: hypocrite they are, liars, cheaters, deceptive and twisters of words.  Duplicity is their mother and they descend from Satan’s clan.  The word Jews is being used liberally as the bad ones are over tipping the balance  in such a … Continue reading

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