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Palestinian children illegally detained by Israel for fishing off of Gaza   Incident: Attacks on fishermen Locations: Mediterranean Sea, Gaza  Date of incidents: Continuing Number of incidents: 16 Ages: 13-17 years Date of issue: 5 September 2012 Updated: 15 December 2012    Mohammad B. (17) (New) – On 1 December 2012, … Continue reading

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Tale In The Darkness

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Beloved People of Gaza

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian  Beloved people of Gaza  Treasured heroes of Palestine Teachers of love, courage and dignity  Archetype of humanity  Allow me to kneel down  And wash your feet with my tears  Kiss your blessed hands  And sprinkle your … Continue reading

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How many children will Israel slaughter before world leaders deliver law and justice?

by RamallahOnline before world leaders deliver law and justice? Despite the piles of dead in Gaza and – for the second time in four years – the row upon row of charred and broken little bodies of children, Western leaders … Continue reading

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  By Daniel Mabsout,   The massacres in Gaza are still going on and the killers of children can no more remain hidden , they are those who kill every where , the ones who killed in Syria have shown … Continue reading

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Jewish Terrorist State has killed on average 2 Palestinians A DAY

While the American and British media concentrate on the deaths of 3 Israelis during Israel’s latest genocidal attacks on Gaza, we would do well to remember that the Jewish Terrorist State has killed on average 2 Palestinians A DAY FOR THE … Continue reading

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Gaza Speaks

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian LOOK AT ME  I would love to write poetry about love,  Paint rainbows and butterflies,  Smell the scent of pink rose buds,  And dance;  Dance with the melody of jubilant bluebirds I would love to close … Continue reading

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‘Gazan kids suffer from barbaric siege’

by deLiberation Sunday, September 16th, 2012 Ken O’Keefe talks to Press TV about the awful plight of Gazan kids, and explains why he is going on a 30 day hunger strike. He was also recently interviewed by Jonathon Azaziah on … Continue reading

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Children are in the front line of “Israel’s” blockade of Gaza

Posted by realistic bird on August 10, 2012 by Stephen McCloskey, source The Gaza Strip is inching toward a humanitarian crisis as Israel’s five year blockade of the territory has been exacerbated by a dispute over fuel supplies. Gaza’s young … Continue reading

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Four-Year-Old Gaza Girl Dies as a Result of Power Outage

By Richard Edmondson One of the most deceitful and dishonest claims you almost always hear made by Israeli hasbarists is that Israel “withdrew” from Gaza in 2005. Yes, to be sure, Israel dismantled illegal settlements in August that year, but … Continue reading

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