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9/11 Certainly a False Flag Operation: Mark Dankof

By Kourosh Ziabari Almost two weeks have passed since the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and scholars, journalists and authors are still trying to figure out the hidden realities behind the “most hideous terrorist attacks ever perpetrated in American … Continue reading

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A Dandelion Sprouts: Oren on Christians in Israel

  A dandelion is a small flower native to North America that sprouts in spring and summer and that some people regard as a weed. It can be found in two forms—a flowering head and a seed head. When I … Continue reading

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Terrorist Gangs in Syria Kidnap, Kill, Mutilate

Local Editor The terrorist armed gangs have kidnapped scores of civilians in the Syrian city of Homs, national news agency SANA reported Monday. The gangs killed the men, mutilated their corpses and filmed them to be shown by media outlets. … Continue reading

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Wikileaks: US government: "We should coordinate with the Saudis & Egyptians to undermine a stronger Assad!"

Source Via FLC S E C R E T SECTION 01 OF 04 DAMASCUS 005399 SUBJECT: INFLUENCING THE SARG IN THE END OF 2006 ¶1. (S) Summary. The SARG ends 2006 in a much stronger position domestically and internationally than … Continue reading

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Truth and Falsehood in Syria

Truth and Falsehood in Syria By Jeremy Salt – Ankara As insurrection in Syria lurches towards civil war, the brakes need to be put on the propaganda pouring through the western mainstream media and accepted uncritically by many who should … Continue reading

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The Mossad in Hollywood Movies

By As’ad AbuKhalil – Wed, 2011-09-07 11:49        Someone should write a study of the portrayal of Mossad agents in US movies. Israel’s spy agency has a special place in US popular culture. It is rather bizarre, if you think about … Continue reading

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Analysts, Academics: Failure of Media War on Syria Led Some Channels to Interfere Directly in the Course of Events

Aug 27, 2011 GOVERNORATES, (SANA)_Provocative media channels have shifted in their coverage of the situation in Syria from fabricating news and videos to direct interference in the course of events. The channels have begun to give veiled instructions to rioters, … Continue reading

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Russian delegate exposes western lies on Syria

Posted on August 25, 2011 by rehmat1| Currently a large Russian delegate consisting of intellectuals, cultural and social researchers, politicians, academics and journalists is in Syria on a fact finding mission. During their visit, the members of the delegate visited … Continue reading

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TIME Reporter Denies Having Conducted Interview

Local Editor TIME magazine reporter in Beirut Nicholas Blanford denied having conducted an interview with one of the Hezbollah members accused by the STL in the assassination of former PM Rafiq Hariri. The TIME magazine has published Thursday an interview … Continue reading

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World War III, 9/11, and Chabad of Wall Street

By Richard Edmondson Financial analyst Max Keiser says we are now essentially in World War III, a conflict he describes as a war of fiscal plunder being waged by Wall Street against the sovereign nations of the world. It is … Continue reading

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