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Photos of STL Witnesses Appear Online, Al-Mustaqbal Website Disowns

Local Editor  The official webpage of Al-Mustaqbal newspaper published online information about the secret witnesses in the Special Tribunal of Lebanon formed to investigate the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The information included the names of witnesses, their … Continue reading

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The Zionist regime is furious: EU refuses to declare Hizballah a ‘terrorist organization’

Posted on February 23, 2013 | The Zionist regime is furious over European Union (EU) for refusing once again to bow to Zionist pressure and declare Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizballah a “terrorist organization”. Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was sure that after … Continue reading

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World War Against The Pioneering World Resistance

By exposing Hizbullah by means of STL and other ,it is not Lebanon or the Lebanese Resistance as such that is targeted .The International Community is actually launching an international war using STL and media and International Organizations including sanctions … Continue reading

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Rafik Hariri’s Legacy: All That Remains

  By: Hassan Illeik Published Thursday, February 14, 2013   On the eighth anniversary of his assassination, Rafik al-Hariri’s Future Movement is in crisis, not least because his political successor Saad al-Hariri exiled himself willingly after the collapse of his … Continue reading

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A Reply to Marwan Hamadeh: Publish Your Testimony

He can no longer concentrate on the direct or indirect meaning of words, and does not think himself answerable for his own. (Photo: Marwan BouHaidar)   By: Ibrahim al-Amin   Published Tuesday, January 22, 2013   Editorial note:Following Monday’s op-ed … Continue reading

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Al-Akhbar and the STL: We Will Not Be Silenced

The former head of the UN probe into the murder of Lebanon’s ex-premier Rafiq Hariri Detlev Mehlis in a press conference (Photo: Wael Latki)   By: Ibrahim al-Amin Published Monday, January 21, 2013   For those seeking to frighten us … Continue reading

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The STL Witness List: Why We Published

Former chief investigator Detlev Mehlis openly published witnesses’ testimony in his reports. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah)   By: Ibrahim al-Amin Published Sunday, January 20, 2013   Marten Youssef, spokesperson for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), has voiced his intense personal … Continue reading

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