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The Taming of Islam

It seems true that while Islam as a religion is expanding and becoming larger and more spread, its role and influence are being compromised by its relations with imperialist forces and its involvement in merciless crimes and atrocious behavior whether … Continue reading

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Max Igan & Ken O’Keefe – False Flags & the American Interest

This short documentary video will open your eyes or confirm what you already know. It shows pro Israel lobbyist Patrick Clawson’s suggestion of using a false flag event as a means of initiating conflict with Iran. Please note that The … Continue reading

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Mursi may join Arab intervention in Syria

 Egypt may join Arab intervention in Syria Published Sunday, September 30, 2012 “We will not be calm, we will not settle down until this bloodshed stops and until the will of the Syrian people to choose their own leader is … Continue reading

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New Massacre in Al-Haidariya, Armed Group Assure Attacking Town

Local Editor Crimes against civilians continue in Syria as an armed terrorist group committed earlier Sunday a massacre against citizens of Al-Haidariya village in Al-Qseir countryside in Homs province, killing over 17 people and kidnapping a number that is not … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Morsi the New Mubarak

Is Egypt’s Morsi the New Mubarak? By:Alaa al-Aswani posted on Sunday, Sep 30, 2012I did not vote for President Mohammed Morsi. Before the elections, I appealed to the Egyptians through As-Safir to boycott in protest of Ahmed Shafiq’s nomination for … Continue reading

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Ahmadinejad spoke like a Messiah

Posted on September 27, 2012 Yesterday, Iran’s President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered his 8th and last speech at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York City. However, during today’s speech, Ahmadinejad wore two hats; President of the Islamic Republic … Continue reading

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Temple of "Israel"

 Nahida the exiled Palestinian Before proceeding to watch the videos, a small piece of advice might help you cope with the contents and with surviving the aftermath of exposure to such “radiant brilliance”: Sit in a nice cozy corner, dim … Continue reading

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The Theatrics At The UN Stage

 Ahead of his speech at the UNGA, Mr. Ahmadinejad faced a whole host of interviews in the US. Needless to say he was rather aggressively interrogated by his American hosts in attempts to put him on the defensive; a … Continue reading

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Tunisian Salafist: “The enemy is Ennahda.”

Tunisia’s Political Rancor Cancels Ennahda-Salfist Honeymoon    By:Raouf Ben Hedi posted on Saturday, Sep 29, 2012 “The enemy is Ennahda.” That short sentence perfectly summarizes what the Tunisian Salafist movements’ activists and supporters are thinking. Written in the color … Continue reading

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Damascus to Ankara: We’ll Arm Every Kurdish Man with A Rocket

Local Editor  The United States has called for a contact with Syria at the United Nations, as Damascus told Ankara it was heading to arm Kurds, Nidal Hamade wrote in his “Friday Stance” at al-Manar Website. The US delegation that … Continue reading

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