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A Peek at Salam’s Controversial Cabinet

The main concern now is forming the cabinet. We will switch off our engines so that we can focus on reaching a good outcome. (Photo: Haytham Moussawi) Published Friday, April 12, 2013   As premier-designate Tammam Salam focuses on forming … Continue reading

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Lebanese Update

Daniel Mabsout, The nomination of Tammam Salam – as Lebanese PM – was sponsored by KSA who wanted to see a moderate Muslim at the head of the Lebanese government , a person that would not be considered challenging to … Continue reading

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Lebanon: Consolation Prizes for PM Losers

Salam Vows to Protect Lebanon in Tough Times By: Ibrahim al-Amin Published Saturday, April 6, 2013   A Saudi friend asked me yesterday: When Ghazi Kanaan used to impose his orders on Lebanese officials, did he at least let them … Continue reading

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Lebanon: The Madness of Baabda and Jumblatt’s Bazaar

Ivory Coast’s president Alassane Ouattara and Lebanon counterpart Michel Sleiman greet supporters during president Sleima’sn welcoming ceremony at Abidjan airport on 14 March 2013. (Photo: AFP – Issouf Sanogo)   By: Ibrahim al-Amin   Published Thursday, April 4, 2013   … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia Set for Lebanon Comeback

Najb Mikati attends a session of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013 on 25 January 2013 at the Swiss resort of Davos. (Photo: AFP – Johannes Eisele)   By: Nasser Charara Published Tuesday, April 2, 2013   Following the … Continue reading

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Lebanon the first to recongnize the Islamic State of Izaz

لبنان أول المعترفين بـ دولة اعزاز الإسلامية   ‏الإثنين‏، 01‏ نيسان‏، 2013 أوقات الشام حالة التثاؤب التي ضُبط الرئيس اللبناني ميشيل سليمان متلبساً بها في “قمة آل ثاني بالدوحة” تشبه إلى حدّ بعيد توجهه السياسي خلال السنتين الماضيتين، ولاسيما إزاء … Continue reading

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Jamil Al-Sayyed: On Miqati resignation and the war on Syria

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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