Farewell To Zombies – The Last Conference

Daniel Mabsout,


Look at them ! have you seen them at the conference ? Have you seen the rare collection of people that is rarely seen? Have you seen the collection of stooges and agents and puppets and muppets and pawns and monkeys ? One sleeping , one snoring , the other rolling his thumbs and the third speaking in a loud voice ? Have you seen the rare ,masterpieces of …corruption and agency ? Have you seen them all .? Are you satisfied ? Have you seen the Arab Spring Heroes and the unmatchable revolutionaries ? Have you seen the inspiring Mursi and the radiant king of Jordan and the noble Prince of Qatar, the most noble of all ? Have you seen the general secretary and his incomparable eloquence? Have you seen them as if competing for a post in the Mossad or in the CIA running to serve their master and to lick his boots ?.Who brought those and who appointed them and what is this big farce that turned the ugly beast of Qatar into a revolutionary? By what magic have they operated this and who gave them permission? Who gave permission to Obama to operate this change and is this the promised change that made him president?

What to do with those and where to go with them ? How to discard them and dispose of them? In which garbage to drop them and their masters? It is easier to get rid of chemical waste than to get rid of those . We are at a loss of where to put them .. Under lock? Or under the ground ? In rehabilitation or in incarceration ? Or in exile ? Why not sending them all to Israel where they really belong ? Or to Buckingham palace to serve as lackeys ? Or to clean the bathrooms of the White House ? Their faces are hollow and their hearts are dark and their acts are evil and the quantity of lies they utter is industrial , they could run a huge factory if factories worked on lies . And as if we did not have enough Arab garbage to deal with in this stinking swamp that we had to listen to Turkish Davutuglu who figured as a special Zionist guest invited to partake in the functions of 24th conference by his Arab Zionist allies to add more lies to the heap of lies uttered through his sneaky smile.

After all what we have been through today we have but one prayer and it is that this will be the last time we witness such a thing and go through such painful experience of seeing all these monkeys gathered together , speaking in our name and acting on our behalf. It is indeed very painful . Definitely all the honor falls on President Assad for being spared to figure in such a circus .

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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