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BDS Against George Galloway

By Gilad AtzmonWith BDS, it’s never boring. Although formed initially to mount pressure on Israel, increasingly BDS campaigns are now, bit by bit, focusing on silencing any pro-Palestinian voice with an IQ over 90. For the BDS leadership, intellect is … Continue reading

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How long has Israel been claiming Iran nuke imminent?

ISRAEL OF COURSE REALLY DOES HAVE THEM BUT THE UN & IAEA DOES NOTHINGSource  The US media is once again reporting Israeli speculation on Iranian attempts to build a nuclear weapon.Now, I do think the current Iranian government would like … Continue reading

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Israel rejects US report on Israel-PA education

    Posted on February 9, 2013 |   The Zionist Education Ministry has rejected the findings of a US State Department funded study, which has claimed that the textbooks taught in Gaza and the West Bank don’t teach hatred … Continue reading

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Israel and the “Iranian Threat”

Posted on January 12, 2013 Yesterday, Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a group of visiting US Senators that if relected his first priority would be to stop Iran acquiring a nuclear bomb by all means (Israel has between 240-400 … Continue reading

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Sen. Paul: ‘Time to end US aid to Israel’

Posted on January 8, 2013 | Republican Sen. Rand Paul is in Israel to gain Jewish support for his GOP presidential nomination bid in 2016. It seems he has not learned a lesson from his father Rep. Ron Paul’s failed … Continue reading

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President Assad: ‘I’m not leaving Syria’

Posted on January 7, 2013 | Zionist media’s recent lies that Syrian president Bashar Assad has been cornered by Western-supported armed rebels groups fighting under FSA umbrella and Russia was looking for a safe heaven for Assad family, but in … Continue reading

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Watch Human Right Watch – A Tribute to Prof Richard Falk

By Gilad AtzmonThis week we learned that Human Rights Watch (HRW) has expelled from its ranks top U.N. official Professor Richard Falk. The juicy details have been kindly supplied by Israeli Hasbara outlet UN Watch blog.“We commend Human Rights Watch … Continue reading

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