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Children of the Skies

From the beginning, they have coveted Lebanon and its water resources. (Photo: Hasan Bahsoun)   By: Rami Zurayk Published Sunday, October 21, 2012   From the moment it was founded, “Israel” has been violating Lebanon’s sovereignty and stealing its natural … Continue reading

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US is lobbying nations to bring Cluster Bombs back “NO” would be my Answer

 4 days to save our children from cluster bombs Did You Know Ahmad picked up a bright metal object in a park where he was celebrating his 5th birthday in Lebanon. It was an unexploded cluster bomblet, which blew … Continue reading

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Clearing Cluster Bombs and Landmines: Lebanon’s Long and Winding Road

South Lebanon has the lion’s share; one third of the area was covered with cluster bombs. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) By: Rajana Hamyeh Published Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Interview – The second meeting of states parties to the Convention on Cluster … Continue reading

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>Cluster bombs……….in Libya and Lebanon

> FAD Made in Israel and used by Israelin the Lebanon. The Media reports about Cluster Bombs found in Libyan rebel-cities. I cannot check the veracity of such a news item , But I would like to forbid to any … Continue reading

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> “BOMBLETS” DECADES OF DEATH MADE IN AMERICA – SOLD IN ISRAEL Each year, the United States ships “military supplies” to Israel.  This isn’t military aid but rather billions in primarily munitions that are designated as “offshore storage” for the … Continue reading

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>Israel breaking records around the globe

> Ken O’Keefe  I do not know the original source for this list, but thanks to whoever is responsible.  Read this for the first time or the 10th, it is still worth reading; but it is wrong on at least … Continue reading

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Israel’s List of Broken World Records

Israel, a country the size of New Jersey can only claim to the following achievements: • Israel was established upon the ruins of another nation that it destroyed; Palestine • Israel hold the world record in the number of towns … Continue reading

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