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Israel’s Left Turn to the Far Right

An Israeli soldier aims at Palestinian youth during a protest against the war on Gaza, at the Qalandia checkpoint, in the occupied West Bank, on 16 November 2012. (Photo: AFP – Abbas Momani)   By: Jonathan Cook Published Sunday, January … Continue reading

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It’s time for sanctions on Israel

The merger of the rightwing parties will increase extremism and racism against Palestinians. Sanctions are the only answer  Ahead of the Israeli elections next January, a merger between the parties of the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and the foreign … Continue reading

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Eye on The Enemy: "Israel" Threatens World Peace More than Syria

Global Peace Index, issued by the American Australian Institute for Economics and Peace, ranked “Israel” in the forefront of countries that pose a threat to world peace and ranked 150 in the index. It is noteworthy that the Institute “GPI” … Continue reading

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Eye on the Enemy: Likud, Kadima:No Big Difference, Egyptians Oppose Normalization with "Israel"

Local Editor Meridor: Likud, Kadima, No big differenceWalla! News – Pinchas WolfSeveral weeks have passed since Kadima joined the coalition, and already one of the senior government officials and Likud party call for a parties’ union. Meeting with a group … Continue reading

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The Zionist Scenario: Now And In The Future

By Lawrence Davidson May 15, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — Over the past month Palestinian leaders have begun to publicly acknowledge that continuing actions by the Israeli government, and corresponding inaction by the “international community,” have destroyed any reasonable hope … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Crowns Himself King of Israel: Will Israeli Left Finally Stir?

By Jonathan Cook Israelis barely had time to absorb the news that they were heading into a summer election when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yesterday pulled the rug from underneath the charade. Rancourous early electioneering had provided cover for a … Continue reading

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Livni to Retire from Politics after Losing to Mofaz

Local Editor  Butcher of Jenin  After Israel’s former defense minister Shaul Mofaz defeated her, sources close to former Kadima leader Tzipi Livni estimated she will soon announce her retirement from politics. “Tzipi, you belong with us,” said Knesset … Continue reading

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>Israel Denounces Rafah Opening, Blames Netanyahu

>Israeli opposition party Kadima has described the opening of Rafah border crossing by Egypt as a diplomatic failure for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In a statement on Saturday, the Kadima party reacted to the reopening of the Rafah border … Continue reading

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>’Diplomacy’ or deception in the desert?

> Brits Bollix Benghazi Caper by Justin Raimondo, March 07, 2011 | Antiwar Forum As the usual suspects started howling for Western intervention in the Libyan revolution – in the name of “humanitarianism,” of course – the objects of their … Continue reading

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>Justice in the Holy Land first, Mr Hague, then peace

> By Stuart Littlewood 11 February 2011 Stuart Littlewood views the weasel words of William Hague, British Foreign Secretary and life-long member of the ruling Conservative Party’s Israel lobby, who has voiced fears over the non-existent Israeli-Palestinian “peace process” while … Continue reading

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