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Israel’s "Prisoner X" provided info to Hezbollah: report

Published Sunday, March 24, 2013   Israel’s “Prisoner X,” the former Mossad agent who was found hanging in his jail cell shortly after his arrest in 2010, had provided Hezbollah with the identities of Lebanese informants, helping crack at least … Continue reading

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Syria: Islamist group frees U.S. journalists

By Nay Akilah – December 19, 2012 – Posted in: Sideviews PR for the Islamists in Syria – Who doesn’t want a theocracy? More and more reports are published about the fact that the so-called “Syrian rebels” are no real … Continue reading

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How the anti-Syrian Propaganda is made appropriate

  By Susana Al Halabi – December 11, 2012 – Posted in: International Syria: Spiegel Online changed, yet once again, the truth to propaganda. Matching to the new major offensive of the NATO-backed terrorists in Syria, which is doomed to … Continue reading

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In Lebanon’s Jungle: Butchers and war criminals are "State" guests

 The executioners hospital AMR Baba Butchers, This was the headlined of Der Spiegel German magazine article published a few days ago, the magazine conducted interviews with executioners admitted to Tripoli hospitals under the slogan of «the children and women of … Continue reading

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>“STL Taking Wrong Direction, Hariri Can Prevent Hezbollah Accusation”

> 01/10/2010 Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said Hezbollah won’t take the initiative to the civil strife, but will put an end to it in appropriate ways. “Hezbollah would defend itself and the defense could be political or … Continue reading

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>Demonizing Hezbollah; A Déjà Vu Prior To 1982 Invasion of Lebanon

> Demonizing Hezbollah; A Déjà Vu Prior To 1982 Invasion of Lebanon 23/09/2010 Between theory and practice, calming down the deteriorating political situation in Lebanon could determine the fate of the country, and even the region. What had started as … Continue reading

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>Mustafa Nasser Denies Saqr’s Claims about Mediation with Sayyed

> Mustafa Nasser Denies Saqr’s Claims about Mediation with Sayyed 20/09/2010 Once again, the Future movement seems to embroil itself into a “trust” crisis… After turning the political crisis with Hezbollah into a sectarian one without any justification, the movement … Continue reading

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