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>Florida pastor bigger threat to US security than Bradley Manning

> By Yvonne Ridley 4 April 2011 Yvonne Ridley contrasts the failure of the US authorities to rein in the hate-mongering Pastor Terry Jones, whose incitement against Muslims has led to a killing spree in Afghanistan and put the lives … Continue reading

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>Stepped Down: ‘If Omar Suleiman makes grab for power he’s more stupid than Mubarak’

> Yvonne Ridley, British Activist and Journalist  February 12, 2011 posted by Veterans Today Today the power is with the people Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak finally stepped down and handed power to the military, according to the country’s Vice-President … Continue reading

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>Today we are all Tunisians

> By Yvonne Ridley 16 January 2011 Yvonne Ridley pays tribute to the courage of the Tunisian people and reminds us of the stark fact that all the time when the deposed Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was torturing and … Continue reading

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