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Fatwa in Egypt Permits Killing Morsi Opponents

  Saad al-Katatni, head of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party, talks during a news conference next to former Egyptian foreign minister Amr Moussa (L) and Egyptian liberal politician Mohamed ElBaradei (R) after a meeting in Cairo, Jan. … Continue reading

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by Daniel Mabsout,         The revolutions of the NGOs are not revolutions , nor is the revolution of the Ikhwaan a revolution nor is Mursi a revolutionary and never will he be one . Neither Barad’i nor … Continue reading

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Egyptians React Angrily To Morsi’s New Powers

Thousands of protesters carried banners emblazoned with photos of the January 2011 uprising victims and protested President Mohammed Morsi’s constitutional declaration granting him sweeping powers in Cairo, Friday Nov. 23. (photo by Mohannad Sabry) By: Mohannad Sabry Posted onFri, Nov … Continue reading

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Egypt and the myth of ‘Arab Spring’

Posted on July 11, 2012 | Egyptian court freezes Mursi decree “The Zionist entity is the only country which has benefited from the ‘Arab Spring’,” Maj. Gen. Marwan Charbel, Lebanese interior minister on Russian Television, June 7, 2012. Last week, … Continue reading

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ElBaradei: Complementary constitutional declaration attempts to reproduce Mubarak regime

Al-Masry Al-Youm Fri, 18/05/2012 – 12:12 Photographed by Tahseen Bakr Mohamed ElBaradei criticized reports that the military council is planning to issue a supplementary constitutional declaration before the presidential election to stipulate the powers of the president without putting it … Continue reading

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IAEA: “Iran is a ‘peace-seeking’ state”

Posted on February 12, 2012 | It seems, the secretary-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the nuclear ‘Watchdog’ has turned into an Israel-hater. On Friday, Yukiya Amano accompanied by his deputy director-general Herman Nackaerts attended the 33rd birthday party … Continue reading

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Egypt: US-funded Agitators on Trial

US “Democracy promotion” = foreign-funded sedition Tony Cartalucci, Contributing WriterActivist Post AP reported that US General Martin Dempsey has met directly with the military leaders of Egypt to discuss an Egyptian “crackdown on Western-funded pro-democracy groups.” Threatened with a cut-off … Continue reading

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"The US is headed toward another strategic disaster in the Middle East!"

Via FLC “Ever since Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei stepped down as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in late 2009, the United States and some of its allies have pushed Baradei’s successor, Yukiya Amano, to ratify Western arguments … Continue reading

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War Winds Target Iran

by Stephen Lendman Anti-Iranian rhetoric and saber rattling is one thing, baseless accusations another if serve as pretext for aggressive war. Whether or not it’s coming isn’t known. Heated tensions are worrisome if boil over. Leaked information on an imminent … Continue reading

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>DEBBIE MENON : Visions; Failed Endeavors, and Wishful Optimism

> MCS – 13. Feb, 2011 “The will of the people is bound to prevail.” Yes, a fine sentiment.   But when has it ever and, when it has, how long did it last?  Freedom, Liberty and the dignity of man, … Continue reading

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