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Chinese Intelligence: $36 Million for Cinema Project To Emulate Toppling Al-Assad

Local EditorThe Chinese Intelligence revealed Monday details of the largest intelligence operation carried out by the film company “Metro Mayer Gulen” in US famous Hollywood studios to serve political agendas. A spokesman for the Chinese Intelligence Service Zonko Kingpau unveiled … Continue reading

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>Chilean Senator calls local Jews ‘Israeli agents’

> Chilean Senator calls local Jews ‘Israeli agents’ Posted on December 28, 2010 by rehmat1 Chilean Senator Eugenio Tuma has just qualified himself for the next year’s Top Ten Anti-Semitic Slurs.On December 27, 2010 – American Jewish Committee (AJC), one of … Continue reading

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>Open letter to Chilean miners

> Contributed by Sonnet Kindly please post this post on your blog thanks Open letter to Chilean miners Church of the Nativity, 1945 Mrs. (Mary) said to them (NO) will win. However, they did not believe her. She saw the … Continue reading

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>Three Presidents

> Frustrated Arab’s Diary Chili ??Cairo ??Gaza ?? The president of Chiliis concerned about his peopleand he sees that they are brought out safely. The president of Egyptis also concerned about his peopleand he sees that they are locked up … Continue reading

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>Congratulations to Chili !!

> Frustraited Arab Diary   Gaza needs also much more tunnelling !! As I am writing this following nonsenseI am simultaneously watching the TV (BBC)showing us  LIVE the rescue of the 30 miners in Chili I also wonder how would … Continue reading

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Chossudovsky-US will start WW3 by attacking Iran: video

Via Silver Lining Posted on February 21, 2010 by realistic bird Michel Chossudovsky, is from an independent Canadian policy research group. River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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Decrypting the Palestinian Political Crisis: Old Strategies against New Enemies

Contributed by Lucia UP, a good general analysis: LuciaThank you, really its good, but I disagree with the author in few things: 1- The sequence of events as detailed confirms that crushing Hamas was a priority, because as the author … Continue reading

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